Are Massage Chairs Good For You; Several Options And Positive Sides For 2020

You sat on a motorized chair and positioned your legs comfortably into the concave indentations on the chair's leg rest.

Then, you settled your head against a cushioned headrest and pressed a button. Finally, the chair started its job. Soon, melted away all the inertia, stiffness, and tension obtained from the day-long workload or heavy workouts.

If it's what occurs to you now and then, you're got to start asking yourself if you're counting on a positive thing after all.

The excellence of massage and the human way of delivering it has been well established for centuries. The only justifiable notion in this area is the mechanical way, especially the massage chairs.

The arguments and ongoing studies to reveal if these chairs are conducive to human health substantiate that they're yet to bring a win-win situation for everyone who wants their pain and headaches removed or sore muscles loosened or posture improved through a pleasant bodily sensation yielded by an automated process.

Since healthcare experts and therapists have neither supported nor ruled out the usefulness of these chairs unequivocally, you might want to get an analytical representation of the connections, if any, between massage chairs and your physiological wellbeing. This is what I'm going to offer you, my friend.

The Undeniable Positive Sides

Massage chairs are good when you don't want yourself exposed before someone whom you cannot become comfortable with instantly upon meeting. But, the built-in technical properties of a massage chair are of critical value when you're to weigh the utilities of these units. So, look at these quick facts.

Several Options Available!

Massage chairs are built to yield several variations of massage which have been described in brief here.

Swedish Massage

Full body models typically allow for the Swedish massage, and you may receive five different strokes, such as friction, gliding, kneading, tapping, and vibration.

  • If you have tension around your back and shoulders or want to enjoy increased mobility, you should use friction and tapping techniques.
  • Gliding, kneading, and vibration help increase blood circulation and oxygen in the blood while eliminating unwanted toxins from your body.

Zero Gravity Technique

It's rather a modern massage chair technique that requires your body to recline at a zero gravity which ultimately keeps your body aligned to your body structure. So, your feet get above your heart to make a specific physical position that puts pressure off your spine. The likely effects include boosted lung functionalities, reduced spine stress, and boosted circulation.

Shiatsu Massage

This technique uses acupressure and stretching effects on some particular parts of your body. Common movements include patting, rotating, pressing, sweeping, and rolling actions.

  • This therapy helps clear blockages in physical areas where you feel the aches and pain the most leaving you revitalized and refreshed.
  • It helps alleviate depression and stress, restore the body, facilitate lymphatic flow, and improve blood circulation.


Typical with ottoman chairs, reflexology massage rollers are included to work your foot reflexes and apply pressure around and in particular spots.

  • Enhanced healing ability, improved blood circulation and relaxation, and eliminated tension are some of the most common effects.
  • Studies suggest that these techniques are associated with the overall wellbeing of the receiving individual.

Deep Tissue Massage

Your body has hard-to-reach areas located deep inside some limbs. For those areas, this technique proves useful by working the muscle knots and fibrous tissues.

  • It helps relieve chronic pains in body joints and muscles while increasing your range of motions.
  • It helps correct your body posture and flexibility in movements.
  • It further aids you in dealing with muscle disorders.

Percussion and Rolling Effects

When your back or lumber needs some massage, you can use the percussion (tapping) mechanism that requires fast, pulsating strokes of the roller. Alongside improved blood circulation, this effect facilitates rapid healing through muscle toning and scar tissue breakage.

When the back and spine of your body needs some gentle yet targeted effects, rolling massage becomes beneficial. You can get relaxed back and relieved body tension.

Kneading Effects

This technique involves that rollers stretch to manipulate your body muscles so that the soreness, if you have any, can be eased and tension relieved. Kneading in different circular motions, rollers touch the smallest body parts. The commonest body parts eligible for this technique include the back, neck, and shoulders.

To get the most of kneading technique, you may combine it with other techniques like tapping and vibration. Thus, you may expect to enjoy the following.

  • Stimulated circulatory and lymph system
  • Removed toxins residing inside your muscles
  • Invigorated nerves and relieved tension

Airbag and Stretch Massage

It is known as air compression massage that releases and/or squeezes physical movements to facilitate the alleviation of tension and joint pain. This kind works excellent on calves, feet, hands, thighs, neck, and hips. Common advantages include the stimulation of lymphatic organism, relief from pain and tension, and elimination of stiffness. Stretching effects help loosen the tightness/stiffness of muscles while relieving your muscle knots.

Great News!!

A wonderful thing about modern massage chairs is that most models are designed to deliver at least two of the above techniques.

Customizations at your fingertips!

With a carefully controlled mechanism to deliver massage-like effects, these chairs are exactly what people think about them. Typical massage chairs come with standard operating and control options, such as the heat, intensity, and location controls which eventually make you forget about the absence of a human therapist who would target specific body parts or increase/decrease the intensity of massaging effects upon those areas or create special effects using particular massage products.

  • Heat Controls allow for customizable temperature settings.
  • Intensity Controls allow for different levels of strength yielded upon the body or its parts.
  • Location Controls allow for targeting specific areas/limbs like legs, backs (upper and lower), head, hands, etc.

Always less time-consuming and upgrading for the better!

Industry experts and leaders have always been in the habit of working to bring in upgrades to the technology and mechanism in the operational procedure and associated benefits. In line with these constant efforts, massage chairs have come a long way from David Palmer's first chair to today's 2D, 3D, and even 4D massage chairs that boast rather advanced and complex technologies to deliver optimal massaging effects on each body part. Fortunately, improvements of different components are also remarkable as you can now have access to stress massage for arms and palms, head air massage, foot length care, and so on!

So, what's the catch?

Sure, you didn't forget that massage chairs aren't in any way like a professional therapist. It means you have chances to miss the following things in the process.

  • The required level of pressure upon your muscle discomfort and pain
  • The most recommended way to work an injured/wounded area to help improve healing
  • Identification of the specific muscle groups that you need to have worked separately/together
  • The required duration of massaging effects on an essential area for addressing the main issues with efficiency
  • Any level of personalized care for the most rigid trigger points, the nervous system, and muscle attachments

Also, you may feel less privileged when you've got a particular head injury or any contraction or concussion. All these might mean you might get deprived of the benefits of hiring a certified massage therapist who knows your bones, diseases, movements, and systems.

However, it's not about winning or losing. It's about your preferences and physical needs. A massage chair can be a mix of both ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ for you. Let's get to the ultimate purpose of reading this much.

A Massage Chair Is Good When

  • You're not suffering from any severe head/back injury.
  • You don't have any acute spine issues.
  • You don't have cuts/ripe bruises on the target area(s).
  • You don't have a broken body part.
  • You don't have enough time to make appointments, wait for your turn, and spend hours to get the body massaged.
  • You don't want to keep spending thousands of dollars one year after another.
  • You don't feel comfortable being ‘seminude’ before someone of the same/opposite gender.

A massage chair is less than an excellent choice when -

  • You're positive about any of the above matters.
  • You've had a deep-rooted bone/muscle issue that needs special care of an experienced massage therapist who can handle the problem keeping your physical condition in mind.

So, whether or not a massage chair is good for you is more of a case-by-case factor to determine than an assumption made with an impulse. With the above factors and discussions, you can benefit significantly while making the actual buying decision.


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