Bar Clamp Vs. Pipe Clamp (Explore The Best One For Your Needs)

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It might wonder you that over thousands of years clamps have been with us. In the construction of the pyramids, the early Egyptians used a type of clamp. Since then these things have developed into different alterations, yet the main concept of the clamp remains the same. Well, a clamp is nothing but a strap to secure or keep things tightly at once to stop movement or breakage by the aid of inside pressure. Clamps are highly advantageous to the woodworkers or a person who has a furniture-making hobby. 

There are many types of clamps (including Bar Clamp, Pipe clamp, Bench clamp, C-clamp, Sash clamp, Magnetic clamp, etc.) out there for different purposes. The most useful clamps for woodworking projects are bar clamps and pipe clamps. But what should you consider when choosing between bar clamps & pipe clamps if you are a beginner of woodworking? In this article, I'll come up with an open discussion about Bar Clamp Vs. Pipe clamp that will help you to choose the right one for your needs.

Note: In contrast to an extra pair of human hands, clamps (both bar clamp and pipe clamp) don't move restlessly, wobble or complain about & give greater clamping strength.

Bar Clamp Vs. Pipe clamp: You need to know about

A woodworker use clamps (Bar Clamp or Pipe clamp) it works because they do not require power & work as devices that make your manual job easier. Now we will discuss bar clamps Vs. pipe clamps:


What is pipe clamps?

The pipe clamp is a unique type of device that is composed of different parts to allow the use of flexibility. There are two different clamp parts in a pipe clamp. One part is the tightening clamp since the other is fixed. It comes with a clamping brace in one side and an open loop on the other. 

The two parts attach with of pipe, and the tightening part of the clamp can go into thoroughly connect pieces of wood. The truth that the pipe can alter for longer or shorter sections to attach different pieces of wood gives for the versatility & advantage of using pipe clamps.

Different uses of pipe clamps:

  • The most typical use of pipe clamp is edge tightening. You can join several boards together by using clamps so that the wider area can produce. Pipe clamps are perfect for making cabinet components & temporary table tops. You need to have several clamps fix on a workbench and apply a pressure towards the length of the boards that you intend to join together. 
  • When you are looking for an easy way to assemble all sides of cabinets & boxes, then you will find pipe clamps are extremely handy. In a word; pipe clamps are a device that keeps the boards together and gives the things a solid structure.  By attaching the clamps in the sides, you can bring them (sides of boxes and cabinets) together for tightening. You can even leave the clamps fastened if you don’t want to tighten them. 
  • Pipe clamps are handy and useful to cut aligned corners while you are on woodworking projects. For example, if you're going to cut four (4) corners of a frame, there are four clamps are available. Always you will get perfect 90-degree angles when cutting corners with the aid of some special clamps. 
  • Another significant use for pipe clamps is to fold hoses & ropes so that they can store elegantly. Indeed, pipe clamps are handy to store the most worthy items tidily. 
  • Pipe clamps are excellent for giving support to pipes that need to hang overhead. These clamps can fix to a wall or ceiling and can use to secure pipes actively. 
  • Pipe clamps are perfect to join the small leaks in your pipes. Nevertheless, they are not suitable for leaks with large areas.

What is bar clamps?

If you are a woodworker and you need to manage large woodworking projects regularly, then bar clams are the ultimate solution for your needs. It is an easy tool comes with a single moveable point and fixed point. The movable section is the end part of the clamp which can fix the different area of the project to keep several parts together. On the other hand, a fixed point is positioned against a single area of the project. 

Note: The bar clamp is one of the high standard items sold for home repair & construction projects because it achieves such works as clamping in one common device instead of making a temporary device that frequently leads to injury & Accidents.

Different uses of bar clamps:

  • A bar clamp comes with a metal and long bar. It is made to withstand the pressure of keeping strong and large workpieces. It is competent of heavy-duty clamping because of the power of the bar, which is steel construction. The length of the bar implies that the clamp can hold wide workpieces in its jaws. 
  • Typically bar clamps are used in pairs. Nevertheless, for larger projects more will be needed. 
  • They can be placed across the width or length of a workpiece, or both if clamping is needed in both directions. You can also use this clamp when you need to cross over each other.      
  • Typically a bar clamp is designed for woodworking projects, such as joinery & carpentry, even if they can use for metalworking. 
  • It is perfect for making furniture including table tops & cabinets. You will find a bar clamp as a useful tool to tighten wood pieces together correctly. The metal bar & parallel jaws of the clamp never enable the wood piece to come to a point in their grip, assisting in fixing two parts without any problems. 
  • You will find different types of bar clamps obtainable, Pipe clamps, T-bar clamps, sash clamps, & fast-release bar clamps. 
  •  When it comes to welding bar clamp is highly available. The clamp can be appointed to keep them together when the weld is being made if the project needs a welded joint to make two pieces into one. 
  • Note: The only downside of bar clamp is that it is not always available for smaller clamping jobs. If you work in a limited area, the bar clamp may prove too large for fragile workpieces. 

Final thoughts: 

So there you have the ultimate ideas and considerations about bar clamps Vs. pipe clamps. A pipe clamp is a low budget and versatile choice for tightening up the woodworking projects. However, if not positioned accurately they are likely to trouble the workpiece. 

On the other hand, a  best bar clamps are not as vulnerable to this issue, but they are too expensive. Pipe clam comes with a virtually unlimited range of clamping jobs as you can replace your time always with a shorter or larger one; or increase it with a pipe union & another pipe. 

But with a bar clamp, you are stuck with the length you bought. Pipe clamps are capable of producing high clamping pressure. A regular clamp can produce 370 pounds of pressure whether a pipe clamp (. 3/4") can produce 1,050 pounds of pressure. 

On the other hand, a bar clamp can reach up to 1,350 pounds. Finally which one is good to use nearly depending on your woodworking projects? Thanks for reviewing this article. Please let us know which clamp works best for you? Your experience might be worthy for us.


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