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How To Join Two Pieces Of Wood Without A Jointer

You have no wood jointer, but it's urgent to join two wood pieces together. Do you know how to join two pieces of wood without a jointer?

If not, wipe the sweat from your cheek, and let's start doing work.

Follow the instructions and make the task done.

Working Without a Jointer

One of the best alternatives of a jointer is a sanding drum. This drum is the best solution for joining wood and removing the small bumps or any other form of imperfections from the surface of the wood. All you need is a sanding drum and a straight edge fence. You can clamp the fence to the table and run the work along the fence, with the sanding drum touching the opposite surface. Ensure that you run the wood against the rotation of the sanding drum.

Often, a sanding drum can give you better results than a jointer, but for pieces of wood that are too warped or twisted, a sanding drum takes more time. You can easily make a sanding drum yourself using a mandrel and an electric motor.

Another option is using a radial arm saw. You can use the radial arm saw in a vertical position too. A factory sawn piece of wood can act as a fence in this case.

Let's check the steps how to join two pieces of wood without a jointer.

Jointing without a Jointer

One of the best alternatives of a jointer is a sanding drum. This drum is the best solution for joining wood and removing the small bumps or any other form of imperfections from the surface of the wood. All you need is a sanding drum and a straight edge fence.

You can clamp the fence to the table and run the work along the fence, with the sanding drum touching the opposite surface. Ensure that you run the wood against the rotation of the sanding drum. Often, a sanding drum can give you better results than a jointer, but for pieces of wood that are too warped or twisted, a sanding drum takes more time. You can easily make a sanding drum yourself using a mandrel and an electric motor.

Another option is using a radial arm saw. You can use the radial arm saw in a vertical position too. A factory sawn piece of wood can act as a fence in this case.

Edge jointing without a jointer

With a sanding drum, it is quite easy to have perfectly finished wood surfaces that you can easily join with another piece. However, you can also use a table saw to joint the edges. Again, for this, you will require a factory sawn edge for the guide of the fence.

When you are using a table saw, then calibration is quite essential. You will have to check that the blade is perpendicular to the table and parallel to the fence.  Next, you will have to set up a straight edge that needs to be clamped against the table fence. This is the edge on which you will move your work. Next, when it is all set up, cut two opposite ends of the wood and check for the fit. If the fit is perfect, you can proceed with the cut.

Joining two pieces of wood

When you want to merge two panels or pieces of wood, you will need to ensure that the surfaces are perfectly smooth and flat. A factory sawn wood piece can help you check if your lumber is perfectly flat or not. Alternatively, you can clamp the two panels together to check if they are flush. If there are any imperfections, you can sand them away.

Next, apply wood glue along the edge where you want to join. Do not apply too much glue because it would bleed out and also increase the drying time. Next, once you have glued the two pieces together, clamp them firmly and let them dry. Generally, 20 to 30 minutes is good enough for drying. Wipe away any excess glue that comes out of the edges. In humid conditions, the drying time is more. You may have to wait over an hour before you can remove the clamps. You can let the joint cure overnight. You can also drill pocket holes and run screws through them to have a stronger joint between the two pieces of wood. 

Importance of Jointer

A jointer is one of the essential woodworking tools. It is one of the first tools that one needs to purchase before starting woodwork. Often those who are new to woodworking are confused about what to get first – a jointer or a planer. It is always recommended to get a jointer first. When you are starting with woodworking, you will need proper flat wood boards. You will need them to be precisely flat as there are certain tolerance and exactness requirements. Most wood that you will purchase from suppliers is not entirely flat. A jointer can fix that. 

A jointer can make the board perfectly flat and can remove any warps or twists in the board. So, when you start working with boards, you need to run the lumber through a jointer first. Having pieces of wood that are similar, having the same thickness, and having the perfect edges also make them much easier to join. However, if you do not have access to a jointer, even then you can easily flatten lumber and even join them.

The primary purpose of a jointer is to ensure that the pieces of the wood are in proper shape. Just like when you are building a home, the foundation is very important. If the foundation is done right, the house can be constructed squarely, without any errors. If there is an error in the foundation, it is reflected in the entire home. In the case of woodworking, ensure that you have squarely cut flat lumber as the foundation. Once you have the perfect pieces of wood, you can build anything. 

How does a Jointer Work?

If you do not have access to a jointer, but want to get the same results with your woodworking, then you need to know how a jointer works so that you can replicate it with other tools. A jointer has two tables - the infeed table and the outfeed table. Both the tables are aligned in the same plane. Now, there is a cutter head that is located just between the two tables and the blades are lined up with the surface of the outfeed table. The infeed table can be lowered a little.

Now, depending on how much of the material is to be trimmed off from the wood, the infeed table is adjusted. The wood is passed from the infeed to the outfeed table, with the cutting head in the middle trimming off the excel material. The jointer also comes with a fence that is used as a guide while trimming the materials. The fence can also be adjusted as needed.

When you power up a jointer, the cutter blades rotate. All you need to do us push the wood from the infeed table, towards the outfeed table. However, when you are using a jointer, make sure that you are wearing safety gloves. Moreover, use push pads to push the wood.

The Benefits of using a Jointer

Now, even though a jointer may seem like an essential tool, you can still work without it. It is not the perfect solution, but then again, it is a good enough resolution to get flat, well-finished boards. Here are how you can use other tools to perform the tasks that you would have usually done on a jointer.

Bottom Line

Now you know How to join two pieces of wood without a jointer.

A Jointer is an essential tool when it comes to woodworking, but you can also flatten woods, finish edges or join two pieces together without a jointer.

If done correctly, these alternative methods can provide you with good results too. 

If you want to join wood planks, check our Tips On How To Join Wood Planks Together article for the detail.

    Urban Farming Benefits : Make Our World Green

    Urban farming is a silent revolution that promises to tackle some severe problems. We might have to encounter in the near future for those. 
    Can you imagine the urban farming benefits on us? On Our world?

    The global population continues to expand day by day accompanied by a simultaneous increase in food demand. But the land available for food production is finite, as Malthus pointed out centuries ago. 

    To meet our towering demand for food, we need to use the land available to us in the most efficient way possible. This involves promoting food cultivation in urban areas. To make people more conscious about the food they eat and encouraging them to assert some sense of control over their food security.

    The perks of urban farming go far beyond boosting the overall food supply as it can have a handful of positive socio-economic effects. 

    Today, we will shed light on four urban farming benefits and discuss them in detail.


    The term “urban farming” is kind of self-explanatory, doesn’t it? 

    Simply put, it is a farm that can be found in an urban location rather than traditional farms set in rural settings. You don’t necessarily have to own acres of land in a city to launch an urban farming initiative. 

    People are growing foods on their rooftops, on their front yards, street medians and even on their balconies. These activities are not limited to crop growing only. Some are also raising farm animals in whatever limited space they have at their disposal. 

    More and more people continue to migrate to cities every day in search of better amenities. Almost three-fourths of the entire population in developing countries from Asia, Latin America, and Africa will be living in urban areas in 2020. 

    Most of these cities are incapable of providing befitting employment opportunities to their new inhabitants. This surge of inbound traffic also takes a toll on municipal waste management, power distribution and other basic facilities of a metropolitan region.

    Urban farming can be a useful tool to cope with the burden of this surplus population by creating an alternate source of revenue and food production. It can complement the shortcomings of conventional, i.e. rural food sources.



    The most important contribution urban farming makes to the society is ensuring easier access to healthy, nutritional food to city dwellers. 

    In most cases, prices of food supplies are driven up in urban areas owing to transportation and several other intermediary costs. Urban farming eliminates the middleman from the picture and brings food well within the financial reach of less fortunate families. 

    World Bank estimates suggest that half of the population living in a city is residing below the poverty line (2000 data). In rural areas, the scope for subsistence farming is more prevalent. So an income drop doesn’t necessarily translate into a food scarcity but in cities. It’s almost impossible to get food if you don’t have adequate money. 

    Urban agricultural practices could work wonders in solving this problem. We have empirical evidence to back up this claim. In Harare, lower class families grow 60% of their total food intake all by themselves, reveals the findings of Drakakis-Smith and Bowyer-Bower’s research. Large-scale urban farming alongside traditional rural agriculture can make the food system of a country more self-dependent and proficient. It ensures superior food security for all income groups.


    Urban farming creates patches of greenery throughout the city landscape and sustain-ably revitalizes the urban ecosystem. Waste disposal is getting more and more difficult for modern cities with the growth of urban population. 

    Urban farming can offer a practical solution to this problem by utilizing some of this organic waste for preparing fertilizers or cattle feed. The pollutants of municipal wastewater can be filtered out to make the water reusable for irrigation purposes. 

    More trees and plants in the city mean more oxygen generation, CO2 absorption and turning the neighboring temperature down in the process. Not to mention the aesthetic appeal of verdancy urban farming can bring upon a city. 


    Townsfolk are no strangers to malnutrition and other dietary health problems. Mostly because seasonal fruits and vegetables come in cities from distant sources and often, these are sprayed with artificial preservatives to retain their freshness. These cases are more severe in third world nations where food safety regulations are practically non-existent. 

    Growing food in urban areas will cut off the transportation time required to deliver the produce to shop shelves and reduce the need for using harmful preservatives. If you grow your own food, you will be much more assured of the quality of food. 

    Studies suggest a rise in urban agricultural practices could lead to a sizeable reduction in cardiac disease, diabetes and many other health complications in city areas. 

    Besides establishing a healthy, nutritious food supply, urban farming can also improve the air quality in your city by maintaining the optimal CO2 and O2 levels in the atmosphere through photosynthesis, thereby your chances of contracting respiratory diseases will also go down significantly.


    Small or large scale, all types of urban farming can be financially rewarding. By harvesting your own food, you are saving a sizable chunk of your income that would have been spent on food expenditure. If you get to produce in surplus, you will be able to earn money selling them as well.

    Broader farming initiatives in metropolitan areas can involve a lot of people in the community and create employment opportunities. Farming projects in the neighborhoods of Tanzanian city of Dar es Salaam brought in $7 million in revenue solely from milk sales in the year 1993. 

    One of the most urban farming benefits is it can also stir establishment of several related micro industries like packaging and inter-city delivery services, which would also account for some more job openings. Some of these enterprises solely exist to complement the expansion of urban farming. For example, there would be no point in offering food transformation services like making yogurt in the city if there are no dairy farms nearby.


    The urban farming benefits are manifold. It could be a valuable tool to combat food scarcity, poverty and social segregation. There have been countless successful urban farming endeavors throughout the world that have helped socially disadvantageous groups like unemployed immigrants, orphans, deprived women and elderly people. These programs successfully managed to incorporate them into an urban network by providing them with a stable income source. 

    But it’s not only cities with persistent overcrowding and poverty issues who are adopting urban farming scheme; in fact, urban farming is growing much more progressively in the advanced cities of the world. Policymakers are trying to come up with their best ideas to integrate more and more greenery amidst the jungle of concrete and glasses. Urban farming has the potential to evolve as a powerful contributor to the overall economy which can cope with varying urban conditions and promote a stable system that promises an inclusive distribution of food items. In our article, we have highlighted four major benefits of urban farming but the total impact of urban farming to our modern lifestyle could be far more diversified. 

    Relate-able to farming accessories? Check our best farm boots selection and find a best option for your farming rampage.  

      The 10 Best Zero Gravity Chairs 2020 | Buyers Guide & Reviews

      I know some of you might be already thinking what the fuss about zero gravity chairs? They look just like the regular recliners that we're used to seeing by the poolside. But don't confuse those recliners with the best zero-gravity chair that we've got here. These things are a pure joy if you want to lay back and relax under the sun.

      The anti-gravity chair is more than just a piece of furniture. The chair has many medical benefits as therapists often recommend them to patients for their zero-gravity experience. Now the question is, what's this zero-gravity experience? It is simple, the chair keeps your feet off the ground and defies gravity by giving you a weightless feel while your full body is in it. And this has a lot of benefits, as the chair provides proper back support for people with backaches and helps with blood circulation.

      As you can see the zero gravity camping chair is more than a relaxation tool, it has medical purposes too. But that doesn't mean you have to wait for your therapist to recommend you to buy one, you can get it and have a fun time laying on it. However, you can't get any chair that has zero-gravity in its name. You need to do your research and find the best zero-gravity chair which means a lot of work. But thankfully, we've got you covered as we came up with the ten best zero-gravity chairs from all the options that were available right now in the market.

      Hopefully, our extensive work would make your life slightly better once you find the right chair for yourself.

      Comparison Table of ​top rated Zero Gravity Chairs

      We tested and came up with these 10 best zero gravity chairs that we have listed in the chart below:

      • Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Patio Lounge Chair
      • Dimensions: 43.5 X 22 X 21.3 inches
      • Weight: 24.6 lbs
      • Manufacturer: Timber Ridge
      • Department: Recliners
      • Zero Gravity Canopy Sunshade Lounge Chair
      • Dimensions: 34 x 27 x 49 inches
      • Weight: 20.5 pounds
      • Manufacturer: Best Choice Products
      • Department: Recliners
      • 2 Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners for Patio
      • Dimensions: 38 x 26 x 9.5 inches
      • Weight: 41 pounds(total)
      • Manufacturer: Best Choice Products
      • Department: Lounge Chairs
      • XtremepowerUS Zero Gravity Adjustable Reclining Chair Pool
      • Dimensions: 26 x 38 x 10 inches
      • Weight: 25 pounds
      • Manufacturer: XtremepowerUS
      • Department: Recliners
      • Outsunny Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge Patio Pool Chair
      • Dimensions: 37 x 5 x 25 inches
      • Weight: 20 pounds
      • Manufacturer: Outsunny
      • Department: Recliners

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      2020's Reviews Of The Best Zero Gravity Chairs

      Researches make the decision easy. If you research on your demanding products of many brands, it will make you known and informative about these products and features. Such as you, also being a consumer, we do wide research to give you golden chance of choosing your best one. So, Let's dive into the main part of this article and pick the best one for you.


      1. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Patio Lounge Chair

      When it comes to comfort, no other zero gravity chair stands a chance against the mighty Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Patio Lounge Chair. For relaxing, this is the perfect chair as it got the extra padding all the way. And if that wasn't enough, the chair comes with a well-cushioned headrest as well as with an equally comfortable wooden handrest design. If all you want is to relax, then the Timber Ridge chair got you covered.

      Product Features:

      • It got a sturdy steel tube frame accompanied by a durable polyester fabric.
      • The chair has a maximum 350lbs load capacity.
      • The curve design of the chair provides the best zero-gravity experience you can get.
      • It got a dimension of 43.5 X 22 X 21.3 inches.
      • The chair is 72 inches long when it takes the fully reclined position.
      • It has extra padding on the seat and comes with a removable padded pillow.
      • It even has side cup holders.
      • It comes with a 1-year manufacturers warranty.


      • It got extra padding for ultimate comfort;
      • It is quite sturdy;
      • It has multiple reclining positions;
      • The lock system works fine;
      • It comes with a removable pillow;
      • The chair is perfect for people with short stature;
      • It is affordable;


      • For taller people, this gravity chair won't work due to its small dimension;

      Customer Reviews:

      The comfort level of the Timber Ridge model got appreciated by most customers, and specially its sturdy build wins heart right out of the box.

      Like Sam, one of the verified purchaser has said some amazing things about this zero-gravity chair. But the one thing that takes the cake is the amount of praise she gave to the zero-gravity feeling when the chair is in full reclined mode. This is the ultimate compliment a chair of such feature can get as it's their job to create the feel of no gravity and this one does that with some style.

      Then there is the couple Sarah and Sean Madura who was amazed at how quickly the chair can change positions while the lock works perfectly at all times.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Can I leave it outside even in cloudy weather when it's raining?
      Answer: The heavy build of the gravity chair would survive any weather, but the padding of the chair would soak water and can get all soggy and damaged. So, it's better to store it inside when the weather get's cloudy.
      Question: Is it suitable for taller people?
      Answer: If you're 6'2" then you might fit in the chair, but if you're taller than that, then you might have issues with the chair in all honesty.

      Final Verdict:

      If you're looking for a zero-gravity camping chair, then the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Patio Lounge Chair makes a lot of sense. It might not be the most lightweight chair out there for outdoor camping. However, when it comes to spending a comfortable time laying down, this one is the one.

      2. Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Canopy Sunshade Lounge Chair Cup Holder Patio Outdoor Garden Tan

      If you want the best zero gravity chair with a little bit of flair and twist, then the Best Choice products got you covered. It's their Zero Gravity chair. But what's so unique? It's an anti-gravity outdoor chair like any other but with the addition of a canopy. Yes, a canopy. But besides that, it got a lot of other stuff to offer. Take a look at the product features to get to know more about it.

      Product Features:

      • This chair has a sturdy steel frame, so it is durable.
      • The chair uses UV resistance mesh.
      • It even comes with a comfortable removable pillow and got unique canopy shade.
      • There is a cup holder tray to hold your drinks, phones, and other stuff.
      • The lockable system gives the user to lock the chair at different positions.
      • The chair is comfortable to carry around thanks to its secure folding mechanism.
      • It got a dimension of 34"?(L) x 27"?(W) x 49"?(H) and has a maximum 250 lbs of weight capacity.


      • The gravity chair is lightweight;
      • It is compact, therefore easy to store;
      • It is portable as well;
      • It includes a cup holder which is detachable by the way;
      • The steel frame built of the chair is quite durable;
      • The mesh material is breathable and quite comfortable too;
      • It got a sunshade canopy;
      • It is quite affordable;


      • The weight capacity is ok but not that great;
      • It requires constant maintenance;

      Customer Reviews:

      Corinne Bennett, one of the buyers of this chair has only positive things to say about it. As she mentioned in her review, she felt comfortable sleeping in it even after being in her third trimester. She got huge as its natural when you're pregnant for that long and still managed to fit perfectly. 

      She was quite happy with it as she was able to get in and out of it without anyone's help. And she plans to sit and nurse her baby in the summertime.

      Then there is G. Depaolo who felt it comfortable as if it were a dentists recliner chair. That says a lot about it.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Can you detach the canopy from the chair when it isn't used?
      Answer: You can't detach it. However, if you don't need it, you can fold it behind.
      Question: How flat does it recline?
      Answer: It goes back to a sitting position and further than that. But if you're looking flat like a bed, then this one might not be for you.

      Question: Does the chair come with a carrying case?
      Answer: No. There isn't any carrying case.

      Final Verdict:

      Reliability with comfort is the ultimate combination that you can look for in a chair and this one delivers that with grace. It might not be the most fantastic gravity chair, but for that price, it indeed is one of the best in the business.

      3. Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners for Patio

      To chill by the poolside with your friends and family, get the Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners. This is the ultimate deal you can get on such chairs if you ask me as you will be getting the quality of the best choice products at an affordable price.

      Product Features:

      • Similar to the canopy model the set of chairs uses UV-resistant materials.
      • The fabric is held together with the frame using elastic cords via a double bungee suspension system.
      • The material can hold up to 250 lbs weight with ease.
      • The set of chairs comes with adjustable padded headrests.
      • Chairs are easy to fold.
      • Easy transportation as the chairs are quite lightweight.
      • Chairs have their own individual holder trays.
      • The open dimension of the chair is about 32.5"-61"(L) x 25"(W) x 33.5"-44"(H) while folded it is about 38"(L) x 25"(W) x 6"(H).


      • They come in a lot of color options;
      • The mesh is super comfortable to sit on;
      • The frame is sturdy and rustproof;
      • Perfect for all weather condition;
      • You can use the chair set right out of the box, no assembly needed;
      • The chair set is reasonably priced;
      • Super lightweight;
      • Convenient to transport and store;


      • Wobbles at maximum height;
      • No sunshade canopy;

      Customer Reviews:

      Madeline Audrey was happy with her purchase and left positive feedback about the chairs. She was delighted with the locking system of the chair as it doesn't slip unlike others and keeps in one spot. Also, the cupholders were a big plus for her.

      On the other hand, B. Pennell is pushing other potential buyers to go for the chair set.

      He gave many reasons why he thinks it is exceptional. But in short, he became a fan because of the high build quality of the chairs as well as the satisfactory performance of them as furniture.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Does it require any assembly?
      Answer: . You can take the chairs right out of the package and start using as they come fully assembled.
      Question: Do both the chairs come with the trays and detachable pillow?
      Answer: Yes, they both do.

      Final Verdict:

      The chair set mimics the anti-gravity feel like the most expensive models and even surpasses some of them. And for some people, that's all that matters. However, if you want more from the chair, then you know it delivers.

      4. XtremepowerUS Zero Gravity Adjustable Reclining Chair

      The XtremepowerUS is a brand that oozes of reliability, and so do the pair of zero gravity chairs coming from the brand. For the outdoor enthusiasts, this set of recliners are the perfect equipment to have at the back of the car trunk as they fold right into a compact size. Plus, they are probably the lightest pair of chairs. So, you can take them with you anywhere on the go.

      Product Features:

      • The package comes with 2 XtremepowerUS chairs.
      • The reclining chairs are fully adjustable.
      • They fold flat for a convenient storage solution.
      • At reclining position, the chair has a 63.8(L)X26.8(W)X29.3(H) dimension.
      • Each chair weighs only about12.5 pounds.
      • The frame is made from steel to provide stability.
      • The chair pair comes with adjustable headrest cushions.
      • Extra accessories: Only have cup trays.


      • The mesh is made of breathable and comfortable material;
      • Easy to store as it folds flat;
      • Super lightweight, therefore easy to carry around;
      • Suitable to use outdoors;
      • The chairs have their adjustable headrest;
      • The package includes cup holders;
      • An affordable pack of 2 chairs;


      • Not so rustproof as it turns out;
      • The locking system is ok, but slightly flimsy at times allegedly;

      Customer Reviews:

      Ford, a verified purchaser, have fallen in love with these chairs. He purchased these with the intention to take these to the beach but then he replaced his seating patio by the poolside with these as these things look and feel great. 

      Attaching the cup holders was tricky for him, but according to him, it might be him that wasn't getting it right. So, overall speaking, like many others he is satisfied with the purchase.

      Then there is G. Cameron who was won by the exceptional maneuverability of the chairs at different positions horizontal. Also, the sturdy build of the chairs is something that didn't go unnoticed by the buyer as he mentioned it in his review.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: What's the maximum weight capacity of the chair?
      Answer: According to the official website, the anti-gravity recliner has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds.
      Question: Can I remove the cupholders?
      Answer: Yes, you can remove the trays if you don't require them as they are detachable.

      Question: Will they come assembled?
      Answer: Yes, the chairs will come completely assembled.

      Final Verdict:

      If you're looking for furniture to decorate the seating area by your poolside, plus have something comfortable to sit on your free time by the pool then the XtremepowerUS Zero Gravity Adjustable Reclining chairs are the thing to have. I'm telling you, grab this offer before it's too late.

      5. Outsunny Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge Patio Pool Chair, 2 Pack -Light Blue

      For therapy purpose use, you can't find a better option than the Outsunny zero gravity recliner. If you believe your body is a temple, then you can't treat it any better than this chair as it's so comfortable. Just get to know more about this premium Outsunny product, and I guarantee this will probably be by your poolside the following day.

      Product Features:

      • Perfect as camping, patio and pool furniture.
      • Widely recommended by therapists to patients as a reflexology chair.
      • For lumbar support/ headrest, it comes with a removable pillow.
      • The mesh fabric is highly breathable and also resistant to UV rays.
      • The steel frame is powder coated to last longer.
      • It has several angle locks such from sitting up to the zero gravity position.
      • The chair weighs about 20 lbs.


      • The chair is super comfortable;
      • For medical purposes, such as reducing back pain, this is perfect;
      • The angle locks work like magic as the chair stays in one position after the lock takes place;
      • Quite lightweight, so easy to carry around;
      • Super convenient folding;
      • Easy to store;
      • It looks stylish. Therefore you can use it indoors as well as outdoor spaces;


      • Short people find it difficult getting out of the chair;
      • Not cheap;

      Customer Reviews:

      Claudia Brydon, a verified buyer, has been using such chairs her whole life. Before this, she had experienced using other chairs, but compared to them she found it easier to set up.

      Wherelse, Maria E. Sanchez bought the chair for medical purpose as her knees used to pain a lot after seating in standard chairs for some time.

      She replaced her usual furniture with this, and now she feels no pain as the chair took all the weight off her knees.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Does it go all the way back?
      Answer: It reclines to an angle, but if you're looking for a flat surface, this might disappoint you.
      Question: Is it rust proof?
      Answer: The manufacturers give the steel frame the powder coating treatment to increase their lifespan. And as it turns out, it doesn't rust if you take proper care of it.

      Final Verdict:

      The outsunny recliner chair outshines most of its competitors with exceptional design and even better performance. For treating your backache or keeping weight off your feet, you won't find a better anti-gravity recliner than this one.

      6. Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair, Black

      If you wish to ensure a comfortable seating arrangement at beaches or while being in the woods camping, then look no further and get yourself Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair. Don't have to take my words for it, take a look at what the chair has to offer and then decide yourself.

      Product Features:

      • This chair model is available in 6 amazing colors- Black,  Beige, Blue,Grey, Burgundy, Camo.
      • The double bungee system paired with the Textilene fabric offers a comfortable recliner.
      • Smooth reclining positions lock with its dual fingertip locking system.
      • It has a well-padded adjustable headrest.
      • The chair supports up to 300 lbs.


      • Highly portable;
      • Perfect for indoors and outdoors;
      • Durable material;
      • Easy to fold and carry;
      • Affordable;
      • Good weight capacity;
      • It looks stylish;
      • The chair comes in different colors;


      • No cup holder with it. Buy it personally;

      Customer Reviews:

      Blannie gave it 5-star review for its pocket-friendly price according to its comfortable. He found no complaints about the chair.

      On the other side, a regular and verified purchaser of Amazon named Massimo gave it 4-star reviews. Because he can't want to take it everywhere with him as it got some weight to it. But he appreciates the sturdy build as it provides a secure feel when he is on it experiencing the zero-gravity characteristic of the chair.

      Then there is Heather Hamlin who can't recommend it enough as she is using it for her husband it gets on the floor after two sitting of her husband. She also claimed for providing no contact details of the company to complaints.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: What is the Weight capacity of this model?
      Answer: The chair weighs about 300 lbs.
      Question: Can you get a cup holder tray for the chair?
      Answer: Yes, you can. But you've to buy it separately for your personal use.

      Final Verdict:

      This caravan sports recliner offers everything you wish in a gravity chair. It looks great, feels incredible and the best part, it doesn't put a dent on your wallet.

      7. Belleze Set of 2 Zero Gravity Chair with Table Set, Reclining Patio Outdoor Lounge

      If the search for the best zero gravity chair of yours is still on then it might come to an end after you get your hands on the Belleze Set of 2 Zero Gravity Chair. So, what's so special about this chair set? Unlike others you not only get trays with the chairs, also you get a table set to keep your drinks and other stuff. Now, that's pretty awesome.

      Product Features:

      • This chair set with the table is the perfect outdoor furniture.
      • It can be adjusted in different reclined positions.
      • It uses powder-coated steel frame for long lasting durability.
      • It has the efficient dual fingertip locking system.
      • The chair has a secure folding mechanism.
      • Like the chairs, the folding table also folds easy.


      • Great for medical purpose use;
      • Perfect as poolside or outdoor camping gear;
      • Super reclining and lock function;
      • Lightweight;
      • Easy to store;
      • The armrest and headrest is comfortable;
      • It comes with a side table;


      • The cup holders don't stay in place;

      Customer Reviews:

      One of the verified purchasers was amazed to see the product to be an identical match to the photographs in the website. However, her husband thought it was too small for him, but when he sat on it, he found it perfect for his 6 foot, 220 lbs body structure. So, they were happy with the chairs.

      Another verified purchaser, name unknown has acknowledged the positive aspects of the chair set such as the fabric, the sturdy structure and the fact how easy it was to lean forward and back in the chair.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Can I get the chair set in different colors?
      Answer: Yes, there are a lot of color options.
      Question: Do they get rust?
      Answer:  Yes, but with proper maintenance, you can keep them good as new.

      Final Verdict:

      As a functional chair set package, you can't beat the Belleze Set of 2 Zero Gravity Chair. You can keep looking, but you won't find such a versatile option.

      8. Sunnydaze Dark Brown Outside Oversized Zero Gravity Lounge Chair with Pillow and Cup Holder

      If you're still looking for a pair of chairs then the exquisitely build Sunnydaze Dark Brown Outside Oversized Zero Gravity Lounge Chair set of two is what you need. This set of chairs has everything and more. Let's take a look to get a more detailed view of the chair set.

      Product Features:

      • The 28(width) x 69 (length)x 34 (deep) x 42 (tall) dimension of the chair leaves you with a lot of room to crawl around in it.
      • The Chair has 15 pounds of weight.
      • The Weight capacity is about 250 pounds.
      • It has a powder-coated steel construction.
      • The Textilene material doesn't fade and perfect for all weather conditions.
      • It got a cup holder and a removable headrest as extra accessories.
      • Get 1-year manufacturer's warranty on the chair.


      • The chair material is very durable;
      • The hollow steel frames are quite sturdy;
      • It has a convenient folding mechanism;
      • It's lightweight;
      • The fabric is anti-sweat;
      • Spacious seat;
      • Perfect for outdoor activities;


      • Costs comparatively higher than other chair sets;

      Customer Reviews:

      Richard curry gives it 5 out of 5 stars for its sturdy feel and comfortable nature. Plus, he was happy as it required no assembly at all. He and his entire household were delighted with the chair set, and they are ready to have some pleasant time at their backyard this summer laying on the chair.

      J. Brownstein also highly rates it. He got these as a gift for his parents, and both of them were pleased as they use it all the time both indoors and outdoors.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Can I buy get only one and not buy as a pair?
      Answer: Yes.
      Question:  I'm 6'3, will this gravity chair be perfect for me?
      Answer: Yes. It is perfect.

      Final Verdict:

      If you're searching for chairs that are well-crafted and that will last forever, then the Sunnydaze chairs might be a great option. You can see that yourself.

      9. Zero Gravity Chairs Case Of (2) Black Lounge Patio Chairs Outdoor Yard Beach O62

      Zero Gravity Chairs Case Of (2) Black Lounge Patio Chairs

      For a portable option look no further as the Yard Beach O62 gravity chairs are the best in the business. This best gravity chair comes too in a set of two. So, it's perfect to have by the poolside as you can enjoy time alone or have a partner in crime by your side or the love of your life.

      Product Features:

      • Exquisite lockable reclining system.
      • It got elastic cords which immediately adjusts to any body's size.
      • The chair folds up real quick.
      • It is lightweight for easy transportation.
      • The fabric is resistant to all weather conditions.
      • There is a removable pillow that comes with the chair;
      • It got steady armrests;


      • Easy portability;
      • It has a lightweight design;
      • Ideal for outdoors;
      • Long-lasting build quality;
      • It comes with drink trays;


      • Not many color options;

      Customer Reviews:

      One of the chair set owners, Miranda was taken by surprise when she opened the package. She wasn't expecting such high quality and sturdily built chair set for such an affordable price range.

      Jtnott, another verified purchaser felt comfortable sitting/laying on it. He had awesome naps in it, and that's the highest praise any chair can get.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Is it safe to use at beachsides?
      Answer: Perfect place to enjoy the recliner.
      Question: Do you require to assemble the thing on your own?
      Answer: No. It would come fully assembled.

      Final Verdict:

      For campers, this Zero Gravity Chairs Case Of (2) is perfect as it's super lightweight. So, you can take it with you at any place without worrying it will slow you down. And don't have to mention about the comfort level you will be getting in spite of being deep in the jungle thanks to it.

      10. PORTAL Oversize Zero Gravity Recliner Chairs with Pillow and Cup Holder

      The Portal recliner is a reliable option. Unlike other gravity chairs, it doesn't lose its quality over time. It works great even after being used for years as if you've just recently bought it. And that's a rare quality to find in any product.

      Product Features:

      • Oversize uses quality material for the smoothest and relaxing experience laying.
      • The chair is lightweight therefore easy to transport.
      • Smooth recline functions with exceptional lock mechanism at any position.
      • The chair includes a comfortable pillow and a cup holder for your beverages.
      • It has a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.


      • Lightweight;
      • It folds up easily;
      • Exceptional portability;
      • Nice adjustable armrests and a well padded detachable pillow;
      • The breathable polyester material is the perfect anti-sweating fabric;
      • The entire thing feels solid;


      • Not cheap;
      • Only available in one color;

      Customer Reviews:

      Sharon Z. gave it a perfect rating as she finds the chair quite relaxing to sit and lay. Everything about it is just perfect as she didn't have to say anything bad about it.

      While Ilsalund, another verified purchase seconds everything that Sharon has to say but adds a little bit of information and that is her 9-year-old grandson is in love with the chair as he can tip it all the way back by himself without any help.

      This one is as it was advertised according to her statement.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Does this unfold completely flat?
      Answer: It can be adjusted to a 170 degrees max.
      Question: Does it come in a set of two?
      Answer: Just a single chair.

      Final Verdict:

      If you want to own the best zero gravity chair and you're willing to splash some serious money, then the PORTAL Oversize Zero Gravity Recliner is the one I will recommend. It is comfortable, stylish but most importantly it mimics the zero gravity better than any other chair.

      buying Guide For Best Zero Gravity Chair

      The zero gravity chair is more than just a piece of furniture to relax on and enjoy the sunny days out in the backyard. They have medical benefits too depending on the need of the patient. So, varying the necessity of the buyer, everyone has specific criteria that the best zero gravity chair has to fulfill. For some, it can be all about the comfort while you rest on it while for others they want to feel the non-existence of gravity and chill laying under the sun with a cold beer open in hand. 

      Whatever the case might be, there are certain things every buyer need to look out for when buying the chair. I will give you the secrets of identifying the ideal gravity chair from all the craps out there roaming in the market. The question is, are you ready to take the ride? If the answer is yes, then my friend let's get started with it.

      What To Look For When Buying Best Zero Gravity Chair

      • Find a chair with right body fit

      The first order of business while buying any furniture is to make sure it provides you comfort while you use it. For a buyer, that is the only thing that matters while looking for any chair. But a chair can only be comfortable when it matches the body type of the person sitting on it. So, to get maximum comfort level from your gravity chair, you first need to pick the one that accommodates your body the right way.

      Most gravity chairs aren't suitable for people who have a tall figure and weigh more than the average lads. That's because chairs are usually produced keeping in mind the general people with average weight and height. So, people like the Great Shaq, for instance, have to keep looking for in the market until they find the right body fit.

      • It should be easy to set up

      The best things are usually the easiest to work with and not the other way around. And in the case of assembling your gravity chair, you want something similar. Thankfully, the gravity chairs, in general, require minimal setup, not like those fancy IKEA stuff which keeps you up at nights as the setup process is a nightmare.

      Not something you have to worry about when you buy the gravity chair, as you can take it right out of the box, and it will be ready to sit on. While some require very little assembling as the legs of the chair might not be pre-installed. Either way, as you can see, such chairs come with fewer packages or almost no extra packages at all. So, for buyers, it's always good news as you don't require to figure out how to configure the thing. And even if you have to do the work, it takes only one or two steps, and that's not even hard to follow as it should come with detailed instructions.

      • Relax without falling on the ground

      Gravity chairs can be set to take various positions depending on the preference of the person sitting on it. Now, as it can be adjusted at different angles, there is a chance if it isn't stable enough you can have a terrible fall from the chair. So, the buyers need to keep looking for a reliable and durable chair.

      It doesn't matter which position the chair is in; it should be able to ensure solidity so that you can move without any worry of tipping over. You should feel comfortable getting into the sitting position from laying back and not try to crawl to get out of it. If that's the case, then throw out the piece of trash and keep searching for the best anti-gravity chair.

      • Take it with you on the go or not

      While looking for a zero-gravity camping chair, keep in mind whether you want to take it everywhere with you or not. If you're going to move around with your chair a lot, then something lightweight and portable should be in your checklist.

      On the other hand, if you want more functionality from your chair and don't care about moving it along with yourself then get the heavy build stuff. Those chairs not only would give you the luxurious anti-gravity feel but also add features like body massages if you care for such things.

      • Lock it and lay down in peace

      The recliner gravity chairs are prone to take you down with them when you try to adjust and lock them in different positions. Some of the chairs don't have the integrity to hold their ground in specific areas which let to those unwanted funny videos where you see people try to lay down and the entire thing collapses. These might be funny to watch, but being on the end of it is never funny.

      So, if you want to avoid the pain and humiliation then find a chair that keeps its place when the lock system is at work. Also, make sure it is easy to change positions and lock down because the whole idea of a recliner gravity chair is to relax. So, you should find a chair which you can adjust while sitting on it and not get down whenever you need to make changes.

      • Quality chair for quality time

      It doesn't matter how much you are willing to pay on a gravity chair. Either way, the money is coming out of your pocket and no way you should make the mistake of throwing it away by buying a cheap chair. So, be vigilant and keep an eye out for a chair with quality material and build. Yes, it needs to be comfortable to sit on and also it needs to ensure safety while you sit on it.

      But there are some other aspects that buyers sometimes neglect. Like the UV resistance feature of the mesh or the resistance of the chair to all weather and all that. Especially, if you're going for a chair which will be used at outdoors a lot, the following qualities are as important as the other ones.

      • It's all about the comfort

      All the above features don't mean anything if the chair feels uncomfortable to sit on. It's like the iron throne in Game of Thrones, everybody wants it, but by the sheer look of it, the thing seems darn painful to sit on. And probably it is. But you shouldn't want a gravity chair just because everyone is going crazy about it. That's the wrong approach. You should go for a chair even if it isn't popular around the circuit but gives the one thing you want, and that is a crazy comfort feel as if you're floating on the cloud.

      So, the question is how you determine whether a chair is comfortable or not? It is pretty simple. Sit on it, try it out and see if you feel laying around it for hours or want to get up and get going with other stuff. If you don't feel like getting up from the chair, then you've found the one. But beside the feeling, certain things should be in your checklist to ensure a comfortable seat. Like a good head and armrest with enough padding, so your neck and arm feel the same treatment as your entire body.

      • Get something that suits your budget's?

      Money is a crucial factor while buying any product and the same goes for the anti-gravity chair. If you have a lot of cash to splash then obviously you'll be getting more features out of your chair. While for a more moderate budget, there might be some features missing from the equipment.

      However, the goal is to find the best anti-gravity chair in your budget. You should never eye for the most expensive model or go for the cheapest model that you can get in the market. You need to consider your budget and have to depend on the money laying around to find the chair that suits all or at least most of your needs. Never go overboard, that's the lesson.

      Reasons To Trust Us

      Every gravity chair that made the list has been hand-picked by us and to make sure they match the expectations, they went through our rigorous tests. But we didn't only rely on our believes, and therefore we roamed around the market to collect customer reviews to ensure we're getting the opinion of the people who had bought and tried the chairs themselves. And as you already know we have put them through all kinds of tests to see if they check the boxes of being the best zero gravity chair. 

      We considered everything, and by that, we mean everything, even the negative aspects of the chair. We did that to give potential buyers all the necessary information about the products. We won't say the products are perfect, but they come real close to executing perfection. So, we are happy with the results, and we believe the readers can put their faith in us and go for any of the chairs mentioned above. We can bet, you won't be disappointed.

      Why You Should Get This

      We took the gravity chairs to test ourselves and gave them a whirl at all types of weather conditions. But before talking about how it stood against the rain, sun, and dirt, we want to focus how each of the chairs felt like in real life. And all of us agree on one thing, you feel like floating in no gravity zone as if you're in the actual space. It might seem like we are exaggerating and we can't blame anyone for thinking that way. 

      Because, in all honesty, you can't replicate the no-gravity feel with a chair. But the chairs in some way gives us a taste of it. And my god, all of them they were damn comfortable to sit on. This is a good enough reason to buy any of the chairs mentioned in our list. Now, coming to the all-weather test of the chairs, they pass with flying marks.

      How We Tested

      As you can, we have shortlisted only ten anti-gravity chairs from all the options in the market. But we reassure you that we have went through a lot more chairs they one can even think of, and we tested each of them meticulously before getting our final list. Now, the question is how we shortlisted the products above from all the chairs that we tested. As you know, in the buying guide we've already shared some wisdom to identify the good stuff from the average ones. And for our test, we've followed those same techniques.

      We've tested the stability, durability, comfort level of the chairs as well as kept an eye for features that make them more attractive to buyers. We gave customer reviews also the priority as they can highlight the good and bad in each of the products. The culmination of these things helped us to come up with our own zero gravity chair review list.

      Care And Maintenance

      To keep your zero gravity chair as good as new, you require to do some maintenance work on it from time to time. This will ensure the chair works as if it just came out of the shop. But what kind of maintenance are we talking about? Let's take a look then.

      • Clean the steel frame with a cloth.
      • If you have mesh material on the chair, you can clean it with a brush.
      • Detach the tray from the chair and wash it using a dishwasher.

      Bottom line on Zero Gravity Chair's?

      Having a comfortable seat is essential because you don't want to make a silly mistake and cause yourself misery for the rest of your life by sitting on anything you see. Mostly, you need to be more careful choosing your zero-gravity recliner chair as you'll be spending a lot of time sitting/laying on it while on holidays or at your leisure time. Even you might fall asleep on it, and if it isn't comfortable, you can cause yourself some severe discomfort which will bite back till your soul leaves you forever. 

      Therefore, make the decision wisely and to do that go through all the best zero gravity chair mentioned above to find the right one. Don't be lazy for once? You will have all the time to be lazy on your zero gravity chair later on.

      The 10 Best Locking Mailboxes 2020 | Reviews & Top Picks

      Over the last few years, one of the most severe issues that the homeowners are facing is the mailbox theft.


      However, the majority of the people do not take it seriously, and this is the reason, the number of the mailbox theft is on the increase.

      The best way to prevent your house from these mailbox thefts is to install a proper and secure locking mailbox. The best locking mailboxes can reduce stealing your mailboxes with essentials documents and parcels.

      There are thousands of mailboxes, and also all of them claim to be the best locking mailbox, but in reality, not all of them are suitable for you. For buying the best locking mailbox, you need to shop a little bit around, or you can just choose one of these from the below.

      Just like any other people if you are looking for the best locking mailbox residential, then this is a list of the best products that are affordable and proved its quality. You will not regret buying any of these. So, if you want yourself to get protected against the identity theft then buy the best locking mailbox.

      Before writing in details about best rated locking mailboxes here is a small introduction to it. You can now see details of the best locking mailbox selected by the experts.

      Comparison Table of Top Rated Locking Mailbox

      Here is the one-minute scrolling table for the best 10 mailboxes for you!

      • Epoch 7106 Curbside Locking Mailbox
      • Dimensions: 21 x 11.2 x 13.8 inches
      • Weight: 40 pounds
      • Manufacturer: Mail Boss
      • Department: Post-Mount Mailboxes
      • Salsbury Industries 4375BLK Mail Package Drop
      • Dimensions: 14.37 x 36 x 23 inches
      • Weight: 55 pounds
      • Manufacturer: Salsbury Industries
      • Department: Package Drop Boxes & Lockers
      • Salsbury Industries 4460BLK Victorian Surface Mounted
      • Dimensions: 115.75 x 20 x 5.75 inches
      • Weight: 9.8 pounds
      • Manufacturer: Salsbury Industries
      • Department: Wall-Mount Mailboxes
      • Architectural Mailboxes Geneva Locking Mailbox
      • Dimensions: 15 x 17 x 15 inches
      • Weight: 25.4 pounds
      • Department: Post-Mount Mailboxes
      • Architectural Mailboxes Oasis Mailbox
      • Dimensions: 11.5 x 15 x 18 inches
      • Weight: 22 pounds
      • Department: Post-Mount Mailboxes
      • Protex Through the Door Drop Box
      • Dimensions: 18 x 10 x 14 inches
      • Weight: 16 pounds
      • Manufacturer: Protex
      • Department: Security Lock Boxes
      • Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Medium Capacity Aluminum
      • Dimensions: 8 x 13 x 16 inches
      • Weight: 8.5 pounds
      • Manufacturer: Gibraltar Mailboxes
      • Department: Mailboxes & Accessories
      • Gibraltar Mailboxes Designer Locking Medium
      • Dimensions: 4.8 x 10.3 x 13.5 inches
      • Weight: 3.6 pounds
      • Manufacturer: Gibraltar Mailboxes
      • Department: Wall-Mount Mailboxes
      • Parcel Protector Vault DVU0050 Locking Post
      • Dimensions: 14.5 x 34.2 x 14.5 inches
      • Weight: 55 pounds
      • Manufacturer: dVault
      • Department: Mailboxes & Accessories
      • PEELCO Modern Rust Proof Powder Coated Galvanized
      • Dimensions: 15 x 3.8 x 11 pounds
      • Weight: 5.3 pounds
      • Manufacturer: PEELCO
      • Department: Wall-Mount Mailboxes

      2020's Reviews Of The Best Locking Mailbox

      We are serious about finding the best products. After a long time in-depth research on this mailbox category, we have selected 10 best mailboxes for you. In this part, we clarified the ins and outs features and descriptions of every product. So, let's have a dive and pick the right one for you.

      1. Epoch 7106 Curbside Locking Mailbox

      The Epoch 7106 Curbside Locking Mailbox is one of the most advanced and latest mailboxes available currently in the market. It has a broad range of distinct features which make it a must-buy product for the homeowners.

      This mailbox is made from the 12 and 14 gauge of electro-galvanized steel that is durable as well as stronger than that 14 and 16 gauge steel which was used to make the previous mailboxes. If these two features have not amazed you yet and then here is another one that will make you buy it right now.

      You will surely go out for investing your money in this product right after hearing this. This product is available in four different colors that will match the color and taste of your house. The colors are white, granite, bronze, and black. One of the most amazing things about this amazing mailbox is incomes with enough space that can accommodate mails up to 1 month, depending on the daily load.

      This fantastic mailbox comes with the anti-pry latch system. This feature assures you that the mailbox cannot be broken without a key. The patented fast-track mountain will assist you in installing it within a short time.

      Product Features:

      • The powder-coating and the stainless steel body keep it safe from the rain and rust.
      • The patented fast-track mounting makes this easy to mount.
      • It has the patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism.
      • The mailbox has a large capacity of mails.


      • It is entirely durable as it is made of a very high-quality material;
      • It  comes in four fabulous colors;
      • It has a lot of space so you can store mails for a long time;
      • Due to the anti-pry system, forced entry is not possible;
      • The installation is easy because of the fast-track mounting plate;
      • It can resist any weather condition;


      • The manufacturers should make the outgoing slot a bit wider than the present one;
      • As the weight of the mailbox is 40 pounds, it is a bit heavy than usual;

      Customer Reviews:

      It has 4.6 stars out of 5. Most of the customers loved it.

      According to customer, he was tired of changing the mailboxes again and again as he was unable to find a secured mailbox for his house. At last, he found this mailbox and now, he can sleep in peace because he knows this mailbox ensures the security of the mails he gets.

      Another customer named Salivan says this is one of the best buys among his Amazon products. He is delighted with it, and he even recommends this mailbox to his family and friends.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: What is the dimension of this product?
      Answer: It is 21" deep and 11" wide.
      Question: What country it is made in?
      Answer: This product is made in China.

      Final Verdict:

      Although the outgoing slot is narrow and the weight is more than 40 pounds, this Epoch 7106 Curbside Locking Mailbox is a great mailbox. It goes with the taste of most of the people and is loved by the current users.

      2. Salsbury Industries 4375BLK Mail Package Drop

      If you are looking for beautifully crafted as well as efficient mailbox then there nothing that can beat the Salsbury Industries 4375BLK Mail Package Drop in this case. This one of the most commonly used mailboxes that will secure your mails from both the mail thefts and the weather. 

      This mailbox is black in color and made of aluminum which ensures the best protection of the mails from the weather.

      Even if you are living in an area with heavy rainfall, then it would not be a problem for you to keep your mails safe inside it.

      This is one of the best and also available in four exotic colors that match the sexy outlook of your house. So, if you are looking for something good for your house, then it is high time you should check this one out.

      Product Features:

      • It comes with an outgoing tray for the mails along with the red signal.
      • The rear and the front door can be accessed with two different keys.
      • The mail is deposited in the non-locking access panel.
      • It also has a tray for outgoing an.


      • The mailbox is sturdy and durable;
      • Enough space for the mails;
      • There are many colors available in the market;


      • The price is a bit high than the others on the list;

      Customer Reviews:

      According to Toodaloo, it's a well built, and the quality of the product. He is not disappointed after installing it in his house.

      An. Pope says he is in love with this product. The box is very sturdy, and it keeps the dirt and water away from the mails.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Is it waterproof?
      Answer: Yes, this mailbox is waterproof, and it can stand strong wind and heavy rainfall.
      Question: Can the red signal flag on the mailbox be removed?
      Answer: Yes, the red flag can be removed very easily.

      Final Verdict:

      If you do not have any problem in buying a product that is a bit expensive than the others but comes with great features then you should get Salsbury Industries 4375BLK Mail Package Drop.

      3. Salsbury Industries 4460BLK Victorian Surface Mounted

      Another Salsbury product on this list. This company has nailed the art of manufacturing good looking mailboxes along with great features. So, if you are into classic mailboxes, then you have to get this one. The price is very affordable, and the design is top-notch.

      It comes in four fabulous colors such as white, green, black and beige and all of the colors are stunning. This mailbox provides you the best security and is perfect if you are on a tight budget.

      Product Features:

      • This product comes with an adjustable stop which can limit the size of the opening of mail flap.
      • It can be accessed with the front through the locking of 10-3/4" W x 6" H door, and it also includes a very stable lock.
      • The mailbox can be surface mounted.


      • Available in four different colors;
      • Comes in an attractive design;
      • Made with Aluminum and safeguards the mails;


      • A bit smaller for some people;
      • The key breaks at times;

      Customer Reviews:

      According to Ms. Happy, this is a great buy, and it has plenty of room for the mails, and she is digging this mailbox. Although some people told her, this is small, but she thinks the size is perfect for her.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Can it be mounted on the wall?
      Answer: Yes, you can mount this on your wall.
      Question: Is it secure for the outgoing mail?
      Answer: Yes, this is entirely secure for the outgoing mails as well.

      Final Verdict:

      This is an excellent purchase if you are into the Victorian looking mailboxes. The colors and the design are fantastic although some claims to have a very little space for the mails.

      4. Architectural Mailboxes Geneva Locking Mailbox

      If you are looking for mailboxes then one of the best in the market right now is the Architectural Mailboxes Geneva Locking Mailbox. In the world of mailboxes, "architectural mailboxes" is a trendy name. They are famous for their design and ability to create a lot of the unique mailboxes that have attracted the eyes of the users.

      This manufacturer does not just focus on making the mailbox safe but also tries to make it stylish and beautiful. This Architectural Mailboxes Geneva Locking Mailbox has been made using the best heavy gauge aluminum along with the electro-galvanized steel which can protect it from vandalism. This mailbox also provides the homeowner security against the rusting and any other climate effect. This mailbox is available in four different colors, such as white, sand, bronze, and black.

      The best thing about this mailbox is it is huge in size. For a few people, this becomes a huge headache as it cannot be mounted on the regular posts using bolts due to this feature. For dealing with this, you need to buy the 4 x 4 plate from the company as this is literally the best way to keep the mailbox secure. It is available in the similar color of the mailbox. So, if you receive large parcels on a daily basis, then this is perfect for you.

      Product Features:

      • The outgoing mails can be notified with the help of the flag.
      • The mailbox is made of galvanized steel along with the heavy gauge aluminum.
      • There is a large delivery door for accepting the mails bundles an parcels.
      • Nicely featured with weatherproof and water resistant technology.


      • This mailbox looks beautiful, and it can change the outlook of your house;
      • This is made with heavy gauge aluminum along with the electro-galvanized steel which offers the best security;
      • This mailbox is available in four exotic colors so you can choose according to your taste;
      • It has a vast space so it can accommodate even large parcels;
      • There is concealed outgoing mail clip and also an indicator flag which ensure that a third person will not be able to put their hand inside the mailbox;
      • There are  two different compartments for taking out the mail;


      • Architectural Mailboxes Geneva Locking Mailbox cannot fit on the general post without their own company's mounting plate;
      • The size of the mailbox can be a big issue for some people;

      Customer Reviews:

      According to Mark R, after some of the neighborhood brats messing with the mailbox of his house, he finally decided to purchase this one to protect the valuable documents that he receives through the mail and amazingly It's entirely working for him.

      NW Fatboy who is a verified purchaser says he ordered it and mounted on the wall.

      The mailbox changed the outlook of his house, and he is entirely pleased with this mailbox.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Is it made of iron or aluminum?
      Answer: This mailbox is made of aluminum.
      Question: Is it waterproof?
      Answer: Well, it keeps your mails safe from the rainwater.

      Final Verdict:

      If you are looking for a good option for mailbox then without a second thought go for Architectural Mailboxes Geneva Locking Mailbox. This one is not just spacious but also one of the best mailboxes made by this company. Those who have bought this are amazed at its quality as well as usability. So, if you are still worried about buying a good mailbox, then this is the one for you.

      5. Architectural Mailboxes Oasis Mailbox

      Well, if you want to get yourself introduced to another amazing creation of the company Architectural Mailboxes then we have Architectural Mailboxes Oasis Mailbox for you. Believe me or not, this is a great mailbox for you. If you are living in an area with the rough weather, then this is the one for you. We can say that, if you want your letters to get ultimate protection then you should choose this one.

      This Architectural Mailboxes Oasis Mailbox comes with a heavy-duty body which provides top-class security to all the mails inside the box. This is made with 16 and 18-gauge galvanized steel, and it can protect your mails from the mail thieves. The mailbox is coated with powder on the box so that it will remain free from rusting. It is also resistant to bad weathers. The doors of the mailbox have rubbers seals which make it sure that the mails inside do not get wet. All the materials used for the manufacturing of this mailbox are anticorrosive. The whole body is a single piece of metal, so it prevents the moisture from the mail.

      It is available in three different colors, such as sand, bronze, and black. Just like the previous one, you also need to mount it with the special mounting plate. As the box is very spacious, it can hold the mails for around 4 weeks.

      Product Features:

      • Postmaster General approves this, and the patented design helps the delivery of mail in bundles and also in small parcels.
      • This mailbox is suitable for installing in the column, pilaster or wall.
      • The door of the mailbox has rubber which helps in the sealing of the deliveries and essential mails.
      • This mailbox keeps the mails dry and clean.
      • The body is constructed with 1 and a4 galvanized steel that is coated thoroughly with powder.


      • This mailbox has been approved by the postmaster general which gives a huge relief to the users of the mailbox;
      • The high-quality 16 and 18 gauge prevents any vandalism;
      • The anti-corrosive and weather resistance feature makes it perfect for the rainy areas as well;
      • The rubber seals protect the mails from rain;
      • The colors are chic and sleek;
      • Great for those who want a big mailbox;


      • If the mail thief has a crowbar, then they can open it.
      • A very tiny and thin hand can enter the mailbox;

      Customer Reviews:

      According to Mr. Green, he chose it because of its simple design and excellent usability. He installed it recently, and he is getting compliments on his choice of buying this mailbox. After purchasing, mail thieves tried stealing his mails but they could not, and this is what makes him love this mailbox.

      Tristan said although the product has all the great features, but it does not look the same in real life, so he complained to Amazon and the seller for the replacement of the mailbox.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Does it have an outgoing slot for the mails?
      Answer: Yes, it has a slot that can hold 2 mails but no packages.
      Question: What is the dimension of this mailbox?
      Answer: It is 20 inches in height, 13.5 inches wide and 16.5 inches thick at the bottom.

      Final Verdict:

      Buying a right mailbox is a very tough job. There are many in the market, and not all of them are worth your time and money, and for this reason, as a customer, you need to be careful while buying. This Architectural Mailboxes Oasis Mailbox is a great choice if you are living in a rainy area. So, get yourself one of these if you are planning to buy a mailbox for your house.

      6. Protex Through the Door Drop Box

      If you want to buy the most versatile mailbox then you should go for this Protex Through the Door Drop Box. The company takes pride in this unique product. It does not only look good but also comes with many great features.

      The company made this mailbox so that it can protect your mails from the thieves. The lock is battery operated, and it is for indoors only.

      Product Features:

      • It's battery operated and comes with an electronic lock.
      • It's designed for the mounting on the door from inside along with the door drop showing from the outside.
      • It's the perfect way to for securing documents, car keys, cash, etc.
      • It gets locked automatically as soon as the door shuts.


      • Great for indoor uses;
      • Keeps your mail and even your money safe;
      • Cannot be hacked;


      • Not waterproof;

      Customer Reviews:

      The customers loved this product.

      According to AriozonaGirl, a verified customer, she was having some difficulties in collecting the rents from the tenants, and this mailbox amazingly solved all her problems. Now, she can collect the rents without any difficulties.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Is it big enough to accommodate big envelops?
      Answer: Yes, it is.
      Question: Can you keep cash for a short time?
      Answer: Yes, you can use it for keeping cash as well.

      Final Verdict:

      If you want a good mailbox for your indoor uses then, this is the one for you. You can keep your mails, essential documents and even cash safe inside it.

      7. Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Medium Capacity Aluminum

      Buying the best secure mailbox is great pressure on the homeowner. There are many available in the market but is it easy to find the best mailbox that easily? The answer is, no, it is not. So, here is the Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Medium Capacity Aluminum. The most attractive feature of his box is its price.

      If you set your mind about purchasing one of the Gibraltar mailboxes, then that would not put immense pressure on your wallet. Trust me, but this is one of the best options for the middle-class families.

      These mailboxes are not great with the features but also the best when it comes to protecting the mails from the fraudulent. The company has manufactured this mailbox with pure aluminum that provides excellent protection as it cannot be broken with heavy tools. You can use it on porches or curbs as per your wish. Without worrying about anything, you can only put this on the wall of your house. This mailbox is available in two colors, black and white and both of them look utterly beautiful.

      Product Features:

      • It's made in the USA.
      • It has abundant space for the deliveries.
      • The aluminum body offers  stability and strength.
      • The coating of white powder keeps it fresh for a long time.


      • These are incredibly affordable and fit the budget of every family;
      • The aluminum body keeps away the thieves from your mails;
      • You can hang this mailbox both on your porch or curb;
      • This mailbox is available in two elegant colors;
      • The mailbox does not get rust;


      • The mailbox is not very big in size;
      • Some of its users often complain about the parts;

      Customer Reviews:

      Amazonholic posts the first review, and he, says he loves this mailbox as it keeps his mails safe and secure although he just installed it a few days back and has not faced any bad situations yet. The design and features of the product is same as it is stated on the website. He is happy after purchasing this.

      Amanda says she has never seen such a good mailbox ever in her life. It's not just secured her mails but also gives an aesthetic look to the house.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Is it able to accommodate bottles of pills inside it?
      Answer: As it is made for the mails only, you can just fit in one small bottle of pills inside it but not more than that.
      Question: I lost my keys now what can I do?
      Answer: Well, in such case, you can either contact the seller or contact the locksmith of your area.

      Final Verdict:

      If you are on tight budget and looking for an easy way to get the best mailbox within your capability then there is nothing as good as the Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Medium Capacity Aluminum. These are not just pocket-friendly but also great for your house. The material and the features are great. So, get yourself one of these if you are looking for the best locking mailbox residential.

      8. Gibraltar Mailboxes Designer Locking Medium Capacity Galvanized Steel Black

      The buying process is painful, and the thousands of available options make it much harder for the buyer. The next best locking mailbox review is about the Gibraltar Mailboxes Designer Locking Medium Capacity Galvanized Steel Black.

      It has been placed on this list because of its affordable price and great features. It's a  smart mailbox that will add a posh look to your home. The cost of the mailbox is not as high as the other ones in this list, but the company has not compromised in regard of the quality. They have used high-quality electro-galvanized steel for the manufacturing of this mailbox so that it lasts longer. This mailbox looks good and matches perfectly with the wall of the house. It does not actually look like a mailbox; this is an excellent piece of decoration that enhances the beauty of the home.

      The material of this mailbox gives protection against rust and corrosion. It has been manufactured in the USA and has proved its quality. Another best thing about this mailbox is its low weight so the user won't have any problem in carrying it from one place to another.

      Product Features:

      • You can hold the mails for quite a long time.
      • It's crafted with the top-quality galvanized steel for durability as well as strength.
      • It has black powder finishing which keeps the mailbox new.
      • Made in the USA.


      • It's one of the most affordable options on the list;
      • It has been manufactured with the electro-galvanized steel for protecting it against vandalism;
      • The material does not just make it look good but also protects against corrosion;
      • It is resistant to all weather condition;


      • The mail slot is tiny compared to other mailboxes, and it is not sufficient for big envelopes;
      • Some of the users have finalized the faulty keys but the complaints are not large in number and company is trying to solve it;

      Customer Reviews:

      According to a verified customer, this is a great purchase. Recently, he was attacked by identity theft and lost a vast amount of money, so he decided to change the mailbox of his house. 

      After installing, he found out from the CCTV footage of his home that, some people again tried to unlock his mailbox and steal his documents. This time they failed because of this great mailbox. He loves this.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Does this mailbox have keys?
      Answer: No this mailbox does not have keys.
      Question: Can anyone break the lock?
      Answer: No your mails are safe inside it.

      Final Verdict:

      So you want a great looking mailbox at an affordable price? Then, here is the best option for you. This Gibraltar Mailboxes Designer Locking Medium Capacity Galvanized Steel Black will not just look great on the wall of your house but also help you to save a couple of bucks. This mailbox comes with many great features and is very durable. It also resistant to rusts so weather will not do any harm to the mailbox.

      9. Parcel Protector Vault DVU0050 Locking Post/Column Mount Mailbox

      Buying the mailbox can be a tough job but Parcel Protector Vault DVU0050 Locking Post/Column Mount Mailboxes here to solve your problems. It's designed to be mounted vertically on the wall. This mailbox makes it easier for the delivery agent to deliver the mails, bundles or even the packages to the homeowners.

      The mailbox is very simple, and the mails can be stored safely inside it for more than 2 weeks. Stays stainless and looks new as recent buy for a long time.

      Product Features:

      • It's made in the USA.
      • Comes with the commercial grade coating of powder.
      • It's manufactured with 16 gauge galvanized steel.
      • It comes with the anti-pry door lock which features a post-lock keyed lock.


      • Highly secured;
      • Comes in different colors;
      • Made in the USA;
      • Commercial grade powder coat finishing;


      • A bit heavy;

      Customer Reviews:

      The customers loved this item, and this is quite understandable from the number of stars it achieved. 

      John who is a verified customer said he loves this mailbox and has installed this on the road for the packages and mails. This mailbox keeps the packages and letters secured from the weather and thieves.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Is it waterproof?
      Answer: Yes, it is. It will remain your mails and letters safe from rainwater.
      Question: Can it store packages?
      Answer: Yes, it can.

      Final Verdict:

      If you receive packages and parcel by mail, then you should go with this Parcel Protector Vault DVU0050 Locking Post/Column Mount Mailbox.

      10. PEELCO Modern Rust Proof Powder Coated Galvanized Steel Black Vertical Lockable Mailbox

      If you are looking for a versatile mailbox then you should check this one out. It has all the qualities that one look for in a right mailbox and also available in five different colors.

      It's rust proof and powder coated, we can guess it by its name obviously. It featured with galvanized steel that will remain stainless and elegant to look.

      Product Features:

      • The mounting of the mailbox takes no longer than 2 minutes.
      • The galvanized steel along with the powder coating makes it resistant to weather and rust.
      • The lid offers easy access to the mails with or even without the key.
      • The mailbox will help you to keep your essential mails safe.


      • Can easily be mounted;
      • The mailbox is rust and water resistant;
      • Made of top quality material;
      • Affordable;


      • Bit heavy;

      Customer Reviews:

      According to Nelson, he has never seen such a versatile mailbox in his whole life.

      Another verified customer said this one helped him to protect his mails from the lousy weather and thieves efficiently.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Can I mount it on the wall?
      Answer: Yes, you can mount it on the wall.
      Question: Do I need to buy the mount plates for it?
      Answer: Do you do not need mount plates for this.

      Final Verdict:

      If you are looking for a proper mailbox at an affordable price then this is high time you should get this one from the market.

      Shopping Guide For Best Locking Mailbox

      It is quite challenging to select a best mailbox from the large mailbox market. There are lots of companies, with lots of brands and models. Who can you trust or which can you finalize for you? To remove your hard breathing, we listing a buying guide for you. Take a look and decide wisely.

      What To Look For When Buying Best Locking Mailbox

      We have already presented some of the best locking mailboxes that are available in the market right now. Now, we will tell you some of the qualities that you need to remember before buying the mailbox for your house. You might think this is an easy job, but in reality, it is not. So here are some buying guidelines for the beginners.

      • Which one should you buy

      One of the most common questions asked by the new buyers is which one should I buy, the wall mount or the curbside? Well, there is no such significant difference between them. Both of these mailboxes are useful in their own ways. The curbside ones are a bit bulky and come with large inner space while the wall mount ones are pretty easy to set up but do not have enough internal space for keeping the mails. You need a mounting plate for the curbside mailboxes, and as a result, it is going to be a bit heavy on your wallet. So, if you are on a budget, it is always best to go for the wall mount mailboxes.

      • Number of mails

      In this world of technology, we do not get many mails in our mailbox but yet, it is one of the most common ways of communication, and most of our essential letters are sent through the mail service. So, before buying the mailbox, you need to figure out how many mails you get on a daily basis. If you get 10-14 letters in a month, then you can go for the smaller mailboxes, but if the number of letters in a month exceeds 30/40, then you surely need the large ones. Again, if you also receive parcels on mail then do not forget to buy the mailboxes which can accommodate large parcels.

      • The price

      Trust me; there is nothing as important as the price of the mailbox. Mailboxes can be priced as cheap as 30 dollars or as expensive as 1000 dollars. The features of a 30 dollars mailbox are entirely different from that of the 1000 dollars one. But, you need to decide which one you need. When someone asks me about it, I always tell them to go for the one that comes with moderate features and price. The case is different if you are a celebrity and receive expensive PR packages online because in such cases, you need to buy costly mailboxes that will protect your stuff. However, in other cases, you can go for the ones that ensure security but is not too heavy on your budget.

      • The color and design

      The last thing that you need to take care of while buying the best locking mailbox is the design and color. Do not go for something that does not matches the outlook of your house. Go for something that looks good with your home and also expresses the taste of the owner.

      Reasons To Trust Us

      Not all the mailboxes found in the market are the best. Do you remember that stupid mailbox that can be opened with a rod? For preventing any of things from happening to you, you need to buy the best one in the market. The mailboxes were invented a long time ago, and from then till now, they are being used by every house owner in the world. If you are a house owner then buying the best mailbox is inevitable for you. Most of the low-quality mailboxes break easily and embarrass the user.

      This is why we thought of coming up with a list of the best locking mailbox in the market.  It was not easy to list the best ones, but we listed the best ones available according to the rating of the customers and then, tested ourselves to give the best result to the readers of our website. As we are experts in this field, you can trust the reviews given by us.

      Why You Should Get This

      We are working in this for quite a long time. We have tested and came up with the list of the best locking mailboxes as there are varieties of mailboxes available on the market right now. Here, we have also added the ins and out of every model. A lot of readers asked us about the best locking mailbox for themselves, that is why we decided to compare the market and find the best. We tested each of them all by ourselves before posting the review. And, after this, we made this list consisting of the best locking mailbox.

      How We Tested

      Testing the mailboxes is not an easy task at all. It kills a lot of time and patience to examine each of them separately. We figured out the most popular mailboxes among the locking mailbox buyers. For this reason, we, a group of experts tested all the mailboxes which got the highest reviews and rating from the users. We finalized it according to the advantages and disadvantages and how good it served us. We, later on, narrowed down all of our reviews to present you this guide to best locking mailbox

      Care And Maintenance

      It's must taking care of the mailbox of your house. Nothing looks good if you do not take proper care. In case of the mailboxes, you need to clean them at least once in every week, clean all the dust and dirt accumulated inside it and wipe the outer surface with water. Then, dry it so that dirt does not get stuck on the surface again. If you are living in an area with heavy rainfall, then it is a must for you to clean the mailboxes regularly. Otherwise, it will not last longer no matter how good the manufacturing material is.

      Bottom line on Best Locking Mailbox

      Buying a mailbox for your home is a very tough job, and for easing your problem, we have these top ten purchases that would keep your mails and letters safe from both the thieves and the weather condition.

      However, you ask me to chose the best one from this list; I would recommend you to go for the Epoch 7106 curbside locking mailbox. It's the best in the market and also within your budget. So, do not worry about the mails anymore and install the best locking mailbox right now.

      The 10 Best Bar Clamps 2020 | Reviews & Buyers Guide

      For any woodworking project, while you are gathering your materials, one of the most important things you must not avoid is a clamp.

      To make any wooden piece, what we need to do most is clamping or attaching parts. For doing this, we need to hold the parts together tightly. Clamps do this job for us. The bar clamps reduce 80% of our workload.

      Bar clamps are the most used clamps among all other types. Before we start reviewing the best bar clamps from our selection, check our  comparison table for short trip.

      We can't there is a wide range of bar clamps available in stores. Different companies, manufacturers, and brands have introduced their clamps to the markets.

      So, whenever you are off to buy a clamp, you are likely to get confused with all those different brands and types, and differences of the clamps. To help you get rid of that situation, we have made this buying guide for you.

      Let's jump!

      In this guide, we have enlisted best bar clamps for woodworking so that all those confusions stop bothering your brain! You can thank me later for this guide. Before that, take a deep breath and prepare yourself to dive into a large guide for buying best bar clamps.

      Comparison Table of 10 Best Bar Clamps

      For your ease, we have summarized the items we are reviewing in the following list. This list will let you know about the brands, manufacturers, and the basic details of each product.

      • IRWIN Tools QUICK-GRIP Bar Clamp
      • Dimension: 1.2 x 5 x 27.6 inches
      • Weight: 2.75 pounds
      • Manufacturer: Irwin Tools
      • Department: Bar Clamps
      • IRWIN QUICK-GRIP 1964758 One-Handed Mini Bar Clamp
      • Dimension: 21 x 8 x 2.5 inches
      • Weight: 2.7 pounds
      • Manufacturer: Irwin Tools
      • Department: Bar Clamps
      • Yost 15036 36 Inch 330 lbs. Bar Clamp
      • Dimension: 52.01 x 29.02 x 7.01 inches
      • Weight: 6.85 pounds
      • Manufacturer: Yost Tools
      • Department: Bar Clamps
      • Bessey BPC-H34 3/4-Inch H Style Pipe Clamp
      • Dimension: 8.5 x 2.5 x 5 inches
      • Weight: 2.95 pounds
      • Manufacturer: Bessey
      • Department: Pipe Clamps
      • TEKTON Mini 6-Inch x 1-1/2-Inch Ratchet Bar Clamp
      • Dimension: 6.1 x 2.1 x 0.6 inches
      • Weight: 0.2 pounds
      • Manufacturer: TEKTON
      • Department: Bar Clamps
      • Can-Do Clamp
      • Dimension: 8.7 x 8.6 x 2.4 inches
      • Weight: 2.6 pounds
      • Manufacturer: MLCS
      • Department: Angle Clamps
      • Bessey GSCC2.524 2.5-Inch x 24-Inch Economy Clutch Style Bar Clamp
      • Dimension: 25 x 4 x 1 inches
      • Weight: 2.29 pounds
      • Manufacturer: Bessey
      • Department: Bar Clamps
      • E-TING 4Pcs Hand Tool Toggle Clamp
      • Dimension: 5.9 x 1.4 x 3.7 inches
      • Weight: 1.15 pounds
      • Manufacturer: E-TING
      • Department: Toggle Clamps
      • Bench Block Pipe Clamp Stabilizers
      • Dimension: 9.2 x 6.9 x 4.7 inches
      • Weight: 1.85 pounds
      • Manufacturer: Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
      • Department: Pipe Clamps
      • Kreg KHC-PREMIUM Face Clamp
      • Dimension: 10.9 x 5.5 x 1.7 inches
      • Weight: 1.55 pounds
      • Manufacturer: Kreg
      • Department: Clamps

      2020's Reviews Of The Best Bar Clamps

      After intense research and observation, we have made a list of top 10 bar clamps. You will find the details of those products in the following section. There you will also get to know their pros and cons, their features, etc. All these will help you to decide on an item.

      If you are looking for a bar clamp with large clamping capacity, this quick clamps is for you. The Irwin Tools Quick-Grip Bar Clamp has a capacity of 24 inches that will make your clamping sessions effortless. The quick grip handle is soft and large. This ergonomic handle helps you to apply more pressure with less effort. The item is durable and sturdy.

      As irwin wood clamps are renowned in the market, they kept the same best quality for this clamp also.

      Product Features:

      • The product dimension is 1.2 x 5 x 27.6 inches.
      • The item weighs 2.75 pounds.
      • It is a regular clamp and its clamping capacity is 24 inches.
      • The item features a large, ergonomic soft-grip handle that implies high clamping pressure with fewer efforts.
      • This clamp has an I-beam bar that reduces bending and curving.
      • It has larger clutch plates for extra durability.
      • The depth is 3 1/8 inches.


      • High-quality material;
      • Strong and durable;
      • Reasonable price;
      • Splendid grip handle;
      • Long clamping capacity;
      • Easy maintenance;
      • Bending and flexing-resistant;


      • Not suitable for smaller clamping projects;

      Customer Reviews:

      A lot of positive customer reviews on this item has proven its excellence to us. When we were researching the items, we found out that the Irwin Tools Quick-Grip Bar Clamp has an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.

      Donald Key, a verified customer, says that this item is awesome. He says it works fantastic.

      Another customer, Matt V says that this is an excellent clamp. He says that the grip is nice sized and comfortable. He also says that he has been using this them for numerous times and it's still strong and dependable.

      Dustin says that he regrets buying only three of this item. He says that he should have bought more than this.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: What is the maximum clamping pressure of this clamp?
      Answer: The tests say that it is 1000 lbs.
      Question: How strong is the bar of the clamp? Is it bendable?
      Answer: No, the bar is not bendable. There is an I-beam bar that reduces the flexing and bowing.

      Question: How many sizes is it available in?
      Answer: The clamp is available in 5 different clamping capacities. They are 6, 12, 18, 24, and 36 inches.

      Question: Can I use it when I'm tying to make an folding chair with DIY Technics?

      Answer: Yes, you can. All types of wooden project, it'll be worked at it's best.

      Final Verdict:

      Overall, this one is perfect for your clamping jobs. It will hold the wood parts in their places when you are making a best folding table by your own. It can be an easy choice for your projects. This clamp is also available in different sizes. So, you can have the size you need.

      This one is another outstanding bar clamp from IRWIN Tools. IRWIN Tools have some of the best clamping tools and this one is no different. The grips of this clamp are comfortable and the 'mini' size is actually not a very small size. You'll be surprised to see how this small bar clamp holds the weight of the wooden parts. For someone who needs a regular-use bar clamp, this item is good-t-go.

      Product Features:

      • The product's dimension is 21 x 8 x 2.5 inches.
      • The clamp weighs 2.7 pounds.
      • Clamping size is 6 inches.
      • The full set has 4 6-inch sized one-handed mini bar clamp.
      • The clamp has a unique pistol-grip design and a one-handed trigger for the quick release of clamps.
      • It has non-marring pads so that the work-pieces don't get any scratches or scuffs.
      • The item features resin construction with hard steel bars.
      • These mini bars can evenly distribute 140 lbs of force.


      • Firm and comfortable grip;
      • Non-marring pads;
      • Bend-proof;
      • Lightweight;
      • High implied force;
      • quick release bar clamp


      • Unsuitable for bigger projects;

      Customer Reviews:

      This item has got a lot of positive reviews and ratings that sum up to an average of 4.7 stars out of 5. I know that is huge!

      A customer, Damon Alan says that these bars are great for his small projects. He says that these came very handy when he worked on a little wooden box project. He also mentioned that the rubber-cushioned pads protected the wood from getting scratch marks.

      Michael P. says that this item is good for such a price. He also said that they worked well for him. Then he said that he would buy these clamps again.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: What are the non-marring pads made of?
      Answer: The manual doesn't say anything about this but the pads are most probably made of hard rubber.
      Question: Can I buy the clamps individually? Do I have to buy the whole pack?
      Answer: These bars come in a pack. You cannot buy them individually.

      Question: Is the 6-inch clamp bar is the highest clamping size?
      Answer: Yes, the clamping size is 6 inches.

      Final Verdict:

      Though these clamps will not be very useful for bigger projects, they are excellent for small tasks. These clamps will be wonderful for working in a small or confined place.

      The name of this item says so much about this clamp. Yes, Yost 15036 bar clamp has a large clamping capacity of 36 inches, it's one of the 36 inch bar clamps. This ratchet bar clamp also works like a spreader. With its high clamping pressure, it can secure wooden parts easily. Let's take a look at its features and specifications!

      Product Features:

      • The product's dimension is 52.01 x 29.02 x 7.01 inches.
      • The item's weight is 6.85 pounds.
      • Clamping capacity is 36 inches.
      • Spread capacity: 44 inches.
      • Throat depth: 3-3/8 inches.
      • The item can imply clamping force of 330 pounds.
      • It has rugged nylon jaw assemblies.


      • Heavy-duty material;
      • Doesn't leave scratches;
      • High clamping force;
      • Durable and sturdy;


      • The item is a bit heavier than other clamps;

      Customer Reviews:

      The awesome features and astounding performance of this clamp have got it a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. You'll see that 77% of the total reviews have 5-star ratings. I found these at the time of writing this review.

      Ben Stark, a verified customer, says that this clamp has strong and sturdy handles which impressed him the most. He also says that the quick-release button works great when he is done applying pressure.

      Frank Hinojos says that he uses this clamp daily for his welding job. He says that these really have great clamping force. He also says that the item is very durable and heavy-duty.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: How many sizes are this clamp available in?
      Answer: This one is available in 5 sizes; 6, 12, 18, 24, and 36-inch size.
      Question: How can I use this clamp as a spreader?
      Answer: You can use it as a spreader by removing the stationary end of the clamp device from the bar.

      Question: Does the 36-inch clamp work well for smaller projects?
      Answer: Yes. It works pretty well for 0 to 36-inches long pieces of wood.

      Final Verdict:

      For your rough and tough jobs, you won't find any clamp better than this one. This one has ratcheting design for precise clamping pressure. You'll love using this item.

      Bessey is a quite renowned brand for woodworking bar clamps. This H-style clamp of theirs is a hit item. This BPC-H34 model is known for its durability and potency. For your heavy wood-workloads, this will be very useful. Below we have given the specifications for this item.

      Product Features:

      • The item's dimension is 2.5 x 8.5 x 5 inches and it weighs 2.95 pounds.
      • This product has H-shape foot assembly for stabilizing the clamp in two dimensions.
      • For added durability, it features cast jaws.
      • The jaws have caps to prevent scratching the materials.
      • It features zinc plated clutch components along with black oxide coated threaded spindle.


      • Robust and durable;
      • Dual-axis stability;
      • Huge clamping strength;
      • Protective pads;
      • Smooth action spindle;
      • Inexpensive;


      • The finish of this clamp is not smooth;

      Customer Reviews:

      Robert Gillis says that this clamp has more stability than other ones he has. He says that the smooth action spindle and the crank handle make his clamping works go just painless.

      John Prusik says that this Bessey Clamp provides great clamping strength for woodworking. He also says that this item is very inexpensive compared to its performance.  He also mentioned that it has been working well for him for about two years.

      When I was researching about this item, I saw that this clamp had an average of 4.6-star rating out of 5 on Amazon.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Does this clamp come with the pipe?
      Answer: No. The package doesn't contain a pipe. You have to buy a threaded pipe separately for this clamp.
      Question: Where are these clamps made?
      Answer: The product manual says the origin is China.

      Question: What are the pads on the jaws for?
      Answer: The pads are for protecting the materials that are clamped from getting damaged.

      Final Verdict:

      This one's actually a pipe clamp but it's a wonderful clamping assistant. The strength and the longevity of this item are praiseworthy.

      The TEKTON Mini 6-inch mini ratchet with the 9-inch spreader is a perfect tool for small projects in little workspaces, model-making, etc. This mini bar clamp can apply consistent pressure to clamp and attach wood pieces. The price of this clamp is also very reasonable. So, you can have more than one of these clamps in your budget. They have outstanding functioning too.

      Product Features:

      • The clamp's dimension is 6.1 x 2.1 x 0.6 inches and it weighs only 0.2 pounds.
      • It has trigger-operated ratchet for continuous pressure application.
      • The clamp has strong nylon jaws and a quick-release button.
      • The fixed jaw can be placed on the other end of the bar for using the clamp as a spreader.


      • Lightweight;
      • Inexpensive;
      • Dual-purpose tool;
      • Quick-release button;


      • Low clamping pressure;

      Customer Reviews:

      This clamp has got a good deal of positive reviews. Matthew Stryker, a verified customer says that this clamp works excellent for him. He also says that it helped him in bigger projects too.

      Daniel Smith says this brand has awesome customer service. He adds that the tool is very sturdy and can put sufficient pressure on the wood bars.

      Nora Helen says she purchased these clamps for her husband. She says that he really likes this item. She recommended this item.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: What is the clamping pressure?
      Answer: The highest clamping pressure is 132 pounds.
      Question: What are the materials of the clamp?
      Answer: The bar is made of steel and the other parts are of hard plastic.

      Question: How good is it as a spreader?
      Answer: It works just fine both as a spreader and as a clamp.

      Final Verdict:

      This mini bar may seem 'mini' sized, but its performance definitely beats high-quality clamps. For working in little spaces, this clamp is the best tool.

      This one is different in ldesign than all the other clamps we discussed. You'll be surprised to know that this item was featured and recommended in 'OOD' magazine. Yes, it's one of best aluminum bar clamps. The movable jaws and the oblong mounting holes along with the aluminum construction make this item an astounding one. To know more, read the product features below!

      Product Features:

      • The item's dimension is 8.7 x 8.6 x 2.4 inches.
      • Weight: 2.6 pounds.
      • Material: Aluminum.
      • It has movable jaws with 2-3/4 inches wide frame capacity.
      • It features clamps on both sides and two swivel points.
      • There's a "T" shaped handle for applying pressure.


      • Sturdy;
      • Durable;
      • Heavy-duty material;


      • Low clamping capacity;

      Customer Reviews:

      Joey Hunter says this one is a super sturdy clamp. He suggested bolting the clamp into the workbench. He says that this increases the clamp's effectiveness.

      Jonathan Alexander, a verified customer says that this clamp is best for squaring bee-hives. He also mentioned that the handle has a good grip.

      Another customer, Marie Anne says that these small clamps are just amazing!

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Can it clamp two differently thick wood parts?
      Answer: Yes it can if the difference is a little. But if the difference is much, you have to use a shim.
      Question: Is the angle of the clamp adjustable?
      Answer: No. You have to work with the 90-degree angle that it has.

      Question: Is this clamp easy to use?
      Answer: The setup and usage process is very easy. You just have to follow the manual.

      Final Verdict:

      This clamp is super solid and highly durable. This will not help you in your larger wood-clamping but for small wood pieces, it will work great!

      This clutch style bar clamp from Bessey Tools is a medium-duty bar clamp. It can enforce a high clamping pressure. The cast heads are powder-coated. The comfortable wooden handle provides a soft grip. It has jaws that are covered with non-marring pads to avoid corrosion.

      Product Features:

      • Item dimension: 4 x 25 x 1 inches.
      • Weight: 2.29 pounds.
      • Clamping capacity: 24 inches.
      • Clamping force: 600 pounds.
      • Throat depth: 2-1/2 inches.
      • The bar and the cast heads have a powder-coating.


      • High clamping pressure;
      • Powder-coated finish;
      • Non-marring pads;
      • Comfortable grip handle;


      • The jaw caps don't fit the jaws snugly;

      Customer Reviews:

      This item had an average of 4.3 stars out of 5 when I was writing this review guide.

      Dave Hunziger says this clamp is a good deal for the price. He says that it works fantastic. He also says that for 0 to 24 inches of wood width, this clamp works cool.

      Jacque, another customer says that this Bessey clamp is more than a medium-duty clamp. He says it can apply more pressure than his need. He also mentioned that the non-marring pads also do their job well.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: What are the two-piece clutch plates for?
      Answer: They are for easy positioning.
      Question: While clamping, do the jaws leave scratches on the wood pieces?
      Answer: No. The jaws have non-marring pads. They don't leave scratches or any other marks.

      Question: Can I clamp two 6-inch pieces with this clamp?
      Answer: Yes, you just have to place the moveable end at the suitable position for that.

      Final Verdict:

      This clamp has got a lot of positive sides. It can make your wood projects easier. It can also be covered in a low budget, can be the best bar clamps for the money. For smaller to medium projects, this clamp can b a good choice.

      This one is another amazing clamp. It features a vinyl colored grip for identification and comfort. The efficient design of this item will stun you. The solid construction and the anti-slip grip allow you to have full control over the workpieces. Let's take a look at more of its specifications.

      Product Features:

      • Product dimension: 5.9 x 1.4 x 3.7 inches.
      • Weight: 1.15 pounds.
      • Maximum force capacity: 198 pounds.
      • The package contains 4 pieces of clamps.
      • Material: cold-rolled carbon steel with a zinc coating.


      • Durable;
      • Sturdy;
      • Corrosion-resistant;
      • Anti-slip grip;
      • Quick-release tool;


      • The clamp size is relatively small;

      Customer Reviews:

      John Stone says these clamps are great. He also says that these clamps hold things well. He recommends this clamp to everyone.

      Martha says this item has been handy for her wooden-box projects. She also says that the grip handle is outstanding.

      Scott, another verified customer, also praises this item. He says these are good deal-breakers. All the positive reviews of this item have brought 4.4 stars out of 5 on average.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: This item features a low-height design. What is this for?
      Answer: This is for maximum clearance.
      Question:  How much pressure can it take?
      Answer: It can take a maximum of 198 pounds or 90 kilograms.

      Question:  Does the package contain one clamp?
      Answer: No, 4 clamps come in the package.

      Final Verdict:

      Despite being small, this clamp works fine for big projects. The construction and the performance of this item are worth the price.

      This wood bar clamp is a set of 4 clamps. These pipe clamp stabilizers are terrific. For your wood clamping, this stabilizer will work like a blessing. For clamp head clearance, this item has space provided. If you want to know more about this item, keep an eye on the section below!

      Product Features:

      • Product Dimension: 9.2 x 6.9 x 4.7 inches.
      • Weight: 1.85 pounds.
      • Item comprises four-inch pipe clamps at 90 degrees for assembly.
      • It has mounting holes for fixed jigs.
      • 4 pieces wood clamps set
      • Material: steel bar with fiberglass reinforced plastic.


      • Lightweight;
      • Stable;
      • High-quality material;
      • Simple set up process;


      • The item doesn't have any coating for corrosion resistance;

      Customer Reviews:

      Kevin Jones says it's a good item. He says that this set of four clamps help him clamp his wood pieces properly. He also adds that the wood pieces cannot move or rotate while he clamps them due to the stabilizing function. Then he said that this item is recommendable.

      Julianne says this pipe clamps are great. She adds that the grips are nice and sturdy. She also mentioned that for doors and big frames, this item works like magic!

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Is this a set of four? Or do I have to buy them separately?
      Answer: This is a set of four clamps!
      Question: Do the pipes come with the package?
      Answer: No. You have to buy them separately.

      Question: What is the diameter of the pipes needed?
      Answer: It’s ¾ inches.

      Final Verdict:

      I think this one is a great tool for clamping. You can try this out. In a small cost, it carries 4 clamps. You get the stabilizing function as well as excellent performance. It's definitely a wonderful item!

      This item features a unique design. It looks different than others but will do the job of clamping. It's super solid and performs well. This clamp is available in two sizes; 2-inch and 3-inch reach. Below we have listed the details of the item.

      Product Features:

      • Item dimension: 10.9 x 5.5 x 1.7 inches.
      • Weight: 1.55 pounds.
      • It's designed for pocket-screw joinery.
      • Clamping capacity: 2-3/4-inch thick.


      • Easy to use;
      • One-hand operation;
      • Sturdy;


      • The blue handle falls off often;

      Customer Reviews:

      A regular customer, Aaron McCarthy says this clamp is easy to use with using only one hand. He says that it clamps really well.

      John Pitt says this clamp does its job perfectly. He says he loves the products of Kreg. He also mentioned that for his day-to-day carpenter job, this clamp works great.

      This item had 1000 customer reviews when I checked. It had 4.5 stars out of 5 rating then.

      FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

      Question: Is this item available in one color only?
      Answer: Yes, it's available in silver color.
      Question: The grip handle keeps on slipping off. What should I do?
      Answer: The same happened to me. You can use it without the handle.

      Question: What is the size of the swivel pads?
      Answer: The diameter is 1 ½ inches.

      Final Verdict:

      This item is a good one for the price. You can try it out. The unique design of this clamp impresses everyone. The price is also reasonable. So, it's worth trying!

      Shopping Guide For Best Bar Clamps

      Buying a product is easy, but finding and buying the best one is not. There are different types of clamps available in stores. If you're buying it for the first time, you might not know what to look for when you buy one. A buying guide helps you with all these things. It will help you to get the best out of thousand items. Best woodworking clamps will help you in gluing wooden tasks easily. They will make it easier to hold the parts in place. They will not make the workplace less messy. They might also offer you some extra features.

      What To Look For When Buying Best Bar Clamps

      There are certain things and features a bar clamp must have. Below we have presented those benchmarks on whose basis we have chosen the best clamps.

      • Material

      You should check out the material of the clamp you are buying. Most bar clamps are made of steel or metal. Some parts of the bar clamps will have plastic material too. Some clamps are made of hard plastic and some are of soft plastic. Try to buy the ones which have soft plastic as its material. Hard plastic tends to crack more than softer ones. Metal parts of bar clamps are not prone to cracking.

      The wooden parts of a bar clamp are other things that need to be checked out properly. The material should be hardwood; it might be from an oak or maple tree. To check the quality of the wood you have to try to scratch the wooden parts with your nail. If they get scratches easily, they should be avoided. You have to buy the ones that do not get scratches. They will serve you for a long time.

      • Handle

      The handle of a bar clamp also uses different materials. Mostly the handles are made of plastic or wood. You can choose any material you are compatible with. Check for grips and comfort. Plastic handles are more prone to have cracks so you should prefer wood to plastic for clamp handles. Handles of best wood clamps will hold up for years without breaking.

      • Sturdiness

      A bar clamp has to be sturdy. The steel bar has to hold the workpieces. So, it should have enough sturdiness to hold the weight of the wooden parts. Bar clamps are bought mostly for heavy-duty clamping. That's why they need to be strong and robust.

      • Size

      Though people us bar clamps a lot, they complain about their sizes. Bar clamps are the most versatile among all other type of clamps. But they are best for bigger projects, heavy-duty clamping. If you are working on a smaller project, a regular-sized bar clamp might not be handy for that. So, before you decide on buying a product, check its size. If you think it can do your job, buy it.

      • Price

      Price and expenses are something w cannot avoid. When we are off to buying something new, we should always make a budget before choosing an item. Spending a lot of money doesn't always get you the best product. Therefore, you should at first research and then choose the item that not only is suitable but comes within your budget. We have tried to come up with the best clamp for woodworking in the list we have made.

      Reasons To Trust Us

      Why should you trust us? It's natural that anyone who reads this guide will have this question! We have got reasons for that. First of all, we did not come up with the items from nowhere. We have talked to woodworkers, carpenters, and clamp sellers on a detailed note. We have asked them about the types, and features of the bar clamps. We took their help and tried a couple of items ourselves. From every aspect, whichever item was reliably preferable, we included them in our best bar clamps list. 

      We have researched a lot and checked the customer reviews on each item on best online stores. We compared the items and then we made our list. So, you can trust us in this.

      Why You Should Get This

      A bar clamp is an unavoidable tool in wood clamping tasks. For any woodworking project, you are surely going to feel the necessity of a clamp. A bar clamp is a great tool and a huge help in any woodwork. While working on a woodwork project, you will constantly feel the necessity of one or more clamps for fixing, and attaching, and gluing wood parts. If you buy a good bar clamp, this necessity will stop haunting your mind. We have chosen the best trigger clamps for the users. You can choose any item from the list and buy that one.

      How We Tested

      At first, we searched the web and popular online marketplaces for bar clamps. After immense researching, we made a list taking some of the items. Then we tested the items. We looked for the sturdiness and durability they should have. We checked their performance. We also checked the customer reviews on each item. During this whole process, we had to add new items to our list or remove some from it. Then finally the list ended up having ten best items in total which we will recommend to everyone.

      Care And Maintenance

      Bar clamps have simple and effortless requirements of care and maintenance. Regular cleaning and oiling will increase the life of your clamps to a great extent.

      • Cleaning: After working, always clean the clamps. Remove the dirt and dust with a wipe cloth. Then wipe the tool with a dry cloth to remove any moisture from it. If you see any glue sticking on the clamp, use linseed oil to remove it. Don't use lubricating oil.
      • Oiling: You have to oil certain parts of the bar clamp from time to time. This helps the tool to function properly. Apply a little oil on the joints and screws of the clamp on a weekly basis.
      • Storing: Store the clamp in a dry place. Humidity or wet environment will damage the metal and wooden parts of the clamp.
      • Some other things: A bar clamp comprises springs to hold and move the movable jaws. If you ever feel that the spring has lost its tension and it can no longer hold the jaws in their place, you have to remove that jaw and springs and install a new one.

      Bottom line on Best Bar Clamps

      Now that you've read the whole buying guide, you can judge the items yourself. They are undoubtedly excellent items. Besides, most of them are available at low prices. I think it's high time you bought your own bar clamp. We've covered the best bar clamps in this guide. We tried to help you get the best one for yourself. So, it's time for you to choose one from this list and buy it. Make your wood clamping enjoyable with these awesome tools!