How To Clean Leather Boots With Household Items

No matter what people say, you can't prevent the boots going messy. They are bound to get muddy and stained after your outing. It's the law of nature, there is no stopping the inevitable.  But that doesn't mean, they have to look rugged.

You can still keep them looking like new bought pairs with some proper maintenance. And I've got a whole bunch of ideas to help the cause. Today, I'm going to show you how to clean leather boots with household items.

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Nothing fancy, just the things we find in our homes. Doesn't it already sound interesting? Let's dive right into it to find out.

How to clean leather boots

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7 Tips to Keep Boots Clean as New!

After a couple of wear, the leather boots start revealing the signs of wear. The mud, stain and scratch marks keep showing up making them look old.

However, with some proper care, everything can back to normal. The leather boots can retain their glorious shine and fresh appearance. Yes, all that's possible with some simple household items. If you don't believe me, then check out the tips below to see the results yourself.

#1 Dish Soap:

Dish soaps are perfect for cleaning those leather boots on a regular basis. As leather isn't susceptible to water like other shoe materials. So, you can make a soap solution to clean those muddy boots. But before heading with this, clean the dirt off the boots and remove the laces. After that apply the soap solution to the leather. 

Use a towel to dip into the mix and then use it on the boots. Then take a clean towel. Dip the towel in some plain water to wash off the soap residue from the boots. Now, take some paper towels to dry the entire thing. Quick and simple.

clean leather boots with household items

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#2 Baking soda:

A quick liquid soap solution does the trick to clean the mud. But it might not get the oil stains out. In that case, all you need is baking soda followed with a clean cloth and some water. Once, you got all the stuff, sprinkle the soda on the spots. Then wet the cloth with the water. Now, lightly rub the cloth on the sprinkled soda.

Being gentle with the stroke is key. You don't want to wreck the leather boots. After you're done, let the soda sit there for overnight to absorb the grease.

#3 Vaseline/ Toothpaste:

Scuff marks on leather boots, a disaster but nothing that you can't fix. And the best part, not a lot of things require getting rid of the marks. Vaseline or toothpaste, either of the two will do the trick just fine. Choose any of the item mentioned and spread on the scuffs on the boots. The next step is to smoothen the jelly or paste. You can use paper towels to rub up the scuff marks to obliterate them for good.

#4 Hair conditioners:

Why not treat your leather boots just like the hair? I'm not talking crazy. In fact, hair conditioners should be an obvious choice when it comes to preserving the leather footwear. Why not? This thing has wax properties, perfect moisturizer to keep the boots in top shape. Just dab some of it on the leather and shine the stuff with a clean rag.

And by the way, no need to use high-end conditioner. Cheap ones will do the job. To be honest, cheaper ones are perfect for the task as they got more wax. So, from now on, if you ever stay in a hotel room, collect some bottles for cleaning the boot.

#5 Olive oil:

What's the most used household item in every kitchen? Olive oil, no doubt there as every cooking needs a touch of it. And as it turns out, this thing comes handy when it comes to cleaning leather. Even some people consider it a better polishing agent than the actual leather conditioners. Now, the question is how to clean leather boots with this everyday household item? It's quite simple. 

Pour a bit of extra virgin olive oil in a paper towel and start polishing the boots. Keep rubbing the leather until all the oil get absorbed by it. After you're done, enjoy the magnificent shiny boots.

clean leather boots with household items

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#6 Vinegar:

Salt stains on the leather break my heart. One of the toughest things to clean. It can be really irritating, but it doesn't need to be. All you need is some vinegar and you can tell it to get out of the way for good. Grab yourself a cup of water and add a tablespoon of vinegar in it.

Now dip a paper towel into the mix and start cleaning the salt stains using it. Then grab a dry paper towel to absorb the moisture. Never use vinegar without diluting it first. So, always mix with water before use and get the salt stains out.

#7 Talcum Powder:

If you've got some grease on the old leather boots, don't worry. Go and get some talcum powder. Now, pour powder right on top of the grease on the boot. That's because the talcum has a natural absorbent. However, to get it working, you've to let the powder on for at least an hour or more. 

After that, just simply clean it with a soft brush. Now, you can use cornstarch too. But it takes more time to absorb the oil stain. That's why talcum powder seems a better option.

Final verdict:

You can save yourself from all the trouble. All you need to do is not to wear the goddamn leather boots anymore. Besides that, there is no other way to keep them in good shape without doing the work. But if you want to keep wearing them and want them to look as good as new, you've to start taking care of them.

And as you have seen already, it isn't that hard to do and surely doesn't cost you a dime. Just follow my how to clean leather boots with household items and you're set for life.


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