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Welcome to this article about how to cover folding chairs inexpensively? Having a folding chair is a great way for almost any occasions. A folding chair is suitable for parties, church gatherings, weddings, baby showers and the list goes on and on.

It is a great investment to have a folding chair for almost every household. They are also very handy to use as well. One of the most important things is that without a folding chair cover they do not look imposing. Dressing up your folding chairs with a cover makes it comfortable to look as well. It seems to be an excellent idea to have a folding chair cover that keeps it in good condition. The folding chair covers protect your chair from damage. They also increase the longevity of your folding chair and make them great for weddings and parties.

There are different shapes, sizes, colors and textures of folding chair cover out on the market. Plenty of people choose a folding chair covers because they are very efficient and inexpensive. It makes your furniture looking like a brand new. Here are a few steps that help you to learn how to cover folding chairs inexpensively. Please stay with us and continue to read to learn the entire process.

Instructions how to cover folding chair step by step process

Here is some important and useful step by step processes which will help you to cover your folding chair inexpensively and successfully.

Step 1 (Measure your folding chair to decide how big of a cover you will need)

First of all, take the measurement of your folding chair through a tape. Measure the width of a folding chair from one end to another side. Run your tape along the back side and the widest part of a chair. 

Measuring from front side to backrest resulting the depth of a folding chair. Measuring from outside to other also indicates the length of a folding chair as well.

Measure your folding chair

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Step 2 (Select a pattern or color that will fit for your room)

It is always best to have a patterned cover for a neutral room as it works well. A single cover is also suitable for textured or patterned rugs or walls of a folding chair.

Step 3 (Follow the recommendations of a manufacturer for sizing)

It is wise to follow the recommendations of a manufacturer. The manufacturer recommendations help you to choose the right size for your folding chair dimensions. You will find the manufacturer instruction on the back side of the package.

Step 4 (Choose a material that is highly durable and light in weight)

You should choose a material for your folding chair cover that is durable and light enough. It is better to choose such type of material that is shrink resistant, stain resistant and 100% machine washable. These features make it easy to care for the folding chair cover.

Step 5 (Inquire your online store or local retailer)

It is better to inquire your local retailer or online store for more information about a folding chair cover. It will help you to consider the matching against your folding chair.

Step 6 (Buy the folding chair cover of your choice, and place it on the chair)

After buying a folding chair cover place it right over the chair. Then pull the cover over the remaining chair that makes it look smooth.

Making a folding chair cover

  1. If you want to buy the material, you can visit the nearby fabric store. Then according to your measurements, you can buy the fabric that needs to make the cover.
  2. You need to cut your fabric according to the pattern. Take a large sheet of paper and outline your folding chair through a pencil. Draw each section (seat area, arms, and backrest) in another piece of paper.
  3. Cut out each part of your drawing part of the paper. Place the cutting paper on the fabric to get the right pattern.
  4. Cut out the patterns by using fabric shears. Dress up your folding chair once you get all the parts. Finally, make sure that the cover will fit accurately.
  5. Remove the section from the folding chair and sew the inside or outside of the pattern that will face the chair.
  6. Finally, place the cover over your folding chair and smooth out any folding.
Making a folding chair cover

Why the folding chair cover becomes so popular?

Having a folding chair seems to be the perfect solution for old and dull looking brown folding chair in your house. This type of cover becomes highly popular for several reasons to the customers. These are:

  1. Folding chair cover is cost-effective or inexpensive. You can add some excitement and fun into your folding chair just spending a few bucks.
  2. Folding chair cover is easy to make. If you have a little sewing experience, you can make the folding chair cover easily and quickly.
  3. The folding chair cover adds some color and style and gives your old one a trendy look.
  4. The folding chair cover is best suited for a wedding. You can decorate them with bows and ribbons according to your choice.
  5. The folding chair covers give your events (children parties, elegant banquets, and wedding reception, etc.) an attractive look.
  6. It is also best suited for any outdoor parties as it makes the party more colorful (for outdoor party better to use a cover which is made from synthetic fabrics or polyester).

The folding chair cover is very easy to wash

Which one is best - Renting or buying a folding chair cover?

When it comes to decorating your special events, then the cheapest and easy to way to decorate the venue is using a folding chair cover. There are some people love to rent this cover as it is inexpensive and effective. On the other hand, there are also some people love to buy them for their special events as well. If you are going to use the folding chair cover just once it is better to rent this unit for your events. However, it is best to buy them if you want to use repeatedly for your occasions.

The folding chair covers which are made of disposable materials are cheap enough to buy. You can use this folding chair cover for several times until it starts to fade and tear. But before renting or buying a folding chair cover, you need to consider some facts that need to be done first. You should keep in mind the measurement and style of your chair that you want to use.

There are different shapes and sizes of the folding chair cover. So you need to find out the right one that fits your chair properly.  There is no standard type of chair so to make sure that the cover you buy or rent will fit properly.

If you are going to buy or rent your folding chair cover from an online store or rental agency you should know some necessary things about them. You should know the accurate coverage and details of the rental or online store as a customer. There are some rental company charges customers for cover if it gets stained. So it is essential to have an overall contract to avoid any confusion.

chair cover is very easy to wash

Can you use a printed cloth for covering a folding chair?

A folding chair cover is an extra addition to your events as it gives them an impressive look and unique design. You can decorate your old chair by using cover. But using a printed cloth for cover varies from person to person.

It depends upon the own preference of an individual. There are several choices to choose from with a different combination of design and color. This is why many people prefer to use printed cloth for their folding chair cover.

What are the types of folding chair covers?

There are a variety of different folding chair covers to fit different needs. Here are a few options so you can find the best ones for your needs: 

There are different types of folding chair covers out on the market that meets your different needs. Here we explain different types of folding chair covers below:

Waterproof Folding Chair Stack cover

This type of cover is made from polyester materials which are waterproof. This type of cover is a versatile one for your folding chair which fits comfortably over this unit. This waterproof folding chair stack cover is an ideal solution for your indoor and outdoor parties.

Folding Chair bag

A folding chair bag is a heavy duty waterproof option as it comes with a handle, strap and increased bottom. You can store and move your folding chair by using this chair bag. A folding chair bag is an inexpensive unit which can hold up to four chairs.

Rice bag folding chair cover

A rice bag chair cover seems to be an ideal solution for an economically minded rental company. It is a practical and lightweight cover which protects your chair from any frills or fuss.

Standard folding chair stack cover

A conventional folding chair stack cover is one of the best selling covers out on the market. It protects your chair from any dirt and dust. It comes with different sizes to fit any sizes of chairs you have.

Final verdict

A folding chair is one of the functional pieces of furniture out on the market. It is easy to store, transportable and durable. But one common problem is that it gets stained quickly. This is why using a folding chair cover is an ideal solution to keep your chair protected from dirt and dust. It is also an inexpensive way to refresh your folding chair by using this cover as well.

Keep in mind you need to cover your chair correctly.  I hope after reading this article, you will get all the knowledge about how to cover folding chairs inexpensively and effectively.

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