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Everlast Boxing Gloves Review For 2020 | Bestreview craft

By Michel Rowbotham

Everlast Boxing Gloves Review For 2020 | Bestreview craft

Boxing is famous as the best way of socializing, exercising, maintaining and improving the fitness levels. Nevertheless, your fitness level can only be improved and maintained if you have right kind of fitness tools for boxing. One of the most significant tools for boxing is the boxing gloves. Just like wearing headgear to protect your head, you must wear boxing glove to protect your hand. Wearing the boxing glove also helps a boxer to perform well for the rest of life. So it is essential to buy a pair of gloves that fit your personal needs.

But when it comes to choosing the best boxing gloves for training, there are plenty of things you need to consider. Things such as material, durability, comfort, wrist/ hand support and price all come into play when making your final decision for a pair of boxing gloves. Recently I have had the chance to select some boxing gloves.

The following is an Everlast boxing gloves review for training and boxing. Everlast Training Gloves is not only renowned worldwide for their high quality but also an excellent unit for heavy use in the boxing world. Let's see the ins and out of the Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves and its review.

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Quality of the Everlast pro style Training Gloves

The Everlast Pro Style gloves are one of the widely used units with lots of exciting features. Now I would like to let you know the first two essential features of these gloves. These are Ever-Fresh and Thumb-lock technologies for extra safety. These unique two features make these gloves stand out from the others out on the market.

The Ever-Fresh technology helps to prevent the bad odor that boxing gloves have after long time use. On the other hand, the thumb lock technology just makes sure that the thumb is in the right place during strikes. Another quality feature of the Everlast gloves is their dense and innovative double layer foam which act as an excellent shock absorbent.

Design of the Everlast pro style elite Training Gloves

If you question me about the design of the pro-style elite training gloves, I will confidently let you know that it is unique. This unique design makes these different from the other Everlast gloves. When I first notice on the wrist part of these gloves, I saw a full rectangular Everlast logo which attracted me indeed.

I like the red color Everlast Pro Style gloves. However different persons have different color choices. That is why Everlast produces gloves with many different colors like classic black, red and blue colors.

According to my research, you will find these gloves better for martial arts, boxing, and fitness related sporting goods.

Materials of the Everlast pro Gloves

The everlast pro gloves have a synthetic leather construction. The material has a smooth and nice finish which is synthetic in touch. In my first use, I experienced the internal material of these gloves are a little bit hard. But after some good use, I found these soft to wear as well. One important thing that I like most, the excellent breathability of these gloves which is uncommon compared to other gloves of the same brand.

The inside section of these gloves is designed very well. Truth to say when I experienced the inside of the mesh palm of these gloves I did not feel too rough, and I found it relatively smooth to touch. Also, the Velcro of these gloves is designed to be a small part more than the long wraparound strap ever seen on different gloves. But if you think carefully, you will find that the Velcro is relatively strong enough and holds in place securely.

Weight and distribution of the Everlast pro Gloves

I would not suggest you that you should buy these gloves. But I can say the newbie that the everlast pro gloves are right for you. It is a pair of gloves of 14oz. I found these gloves in average size compared to other gloves out on the market of Everlast HYPERLINK brand. Nevertheless, if you ask me the finger space, I can say it is little smaller than other gloves. But you will find the padding is distributed all over evenly with an amount around the safeguarding part of the wrist. The padding is significant to provide you wrist support.

The Features and Specifications of the Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

  • These gloves have unique ThumbLok technology; this is what makes these unique from others. ThumbLok keeps your punch and thumb positioned accurately to prevent an accident.
  • They are made to let you know how to punch correctly. The full padding on the back and front of the wrist promotes good punching technique.
  • Sizes of these gloves available from 12, 14 and 16 ounces. There are multiple color choices of gloves for boxing.
  • These gloves come with inside grip cord which is suitable for extended gripping power and protection.
  • Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves are a good option for your training needs. The closed cell foam technology provides your great hand protection.
  • These gloves offer the choice of a classic lace-up design for fast on/off.
Customer Reviews and Scores

If you are considering to find out the best boxing gloves for training, then your top choice must be the everlast pro style training gloves. Although there are lots of better gloves out there today, these gloves are undoubtedly the most famous gloves on Amazon.

Every Amazon product has customer reviews and ratings. The everlast pro style training gloves are not different from them. The everlast pro style training gloves have lots of customer reviews on Amazon.
Most of the customer found these gloves as a functional unit for boxing and training. The customers have reviewed the everlast pro style training gloves for more than 2,184 times (until the time I checked it) and given it an average of 4.2 stars out of 5.

Nearly most of the reviews are positive, and this is why it has 4.2 on the scale of 5. Only a few reviews (8%) came with one star. However, some users find negative views where the use of pro-style training gloves, in general, is not for them.

One of the customers said, "he did not like these gloves because there was a bad smell when they first get them". Some customers also claim, "he wrist of these gloves is too large and leaves extra room to bend wrist accidentally."

On the other hand, as I mentioned above lots of users claim that they were pleased to buy these gloves. Some customers said, "these gloves are very stiff, and the material is affordable including the padding." I also bought a pair of everlast pro style gloves. And honestly, to say, these gloves were more than great to me. I found it great for my heavy bags training.

I hope the best boxing gloves review helps the reader and the audience to realize how important to have these gloves for training and boxing.

How to use everlast pro style training gloves

There are lots of considerations that come into the minds of the buyers at the time of buying gloves online. Let's discuss a few common factors that help the buyer to know more about the buying gloves.

  • Why use these Gloves?

Answer: Opposite to what another fighting like kungfu or karate will suggest, punching will ruin your hands change over time though you are alert. Wrong punching and undefended hands will lead to weakened muscles, weakened joints, arthritis, and reduced functionality of the hands over time.

It is frightening, but it does happen. So if you want to protect your hands from injury and want to perform lifetime, it is important to wear boxing gloves. Having a pair of good gloves are must for boxing and training. They are not only comfortable to wear but also protect your wrist and fingers.          

  • Can I use these Gloves for kickboxing training also? 

Answer: Yes, of course! These are the perfect training Gloves not only for exercising or practicing,   but also you can also use them successfully in your kickboxing training classes. Besides you can use this pair gloves in a cardio class at a boxing gym.

  • Are they perfect for the beginners?

Answer: Yes, the beginners are also welcoming to these gloves. They are available for 12, 14 and 16-ounce sizes.  Beginners will find these pair of gloves useful when training or sparring for amateur competitions. You can learn the proper punching technique throughout these gloves.

  • What to look for before buying a pair of training Gloves?

Answer: Buying the best pair of training Gloves are little challenging especially for the first time buyer. But considering some necessary things can make your purchase successful. Here are the necessary things that you need to consider before buying a pair of training Gloves. These are including brands, colors, weights, material, durability, comfort, wrist/ hand support, and price.

These are some of the most common things about the client who is interested in buying everlast pro style elite training gloves online.    

Bottom line on Everlast Boxing Gloves

When it comes to boxing everlast is a household name. The everlast pro style elite training gloves are definitely one of the cheapest gloves for boxing and training I have ever seen. Perhaps that is why they are trendy nowadays. Also, they are known as the best selling gloves on Amazon. It seems like in every gym at least one guy owns a pair of these elite training gloves. 

So based on the Everlast boxing gloves review, there is no doubt that these are the best pair of gloves out on the market. They can beat all the other boxing gloves available in the market. I personally like these gloves for my heavy bags training. These are really the most used boxing gloves from Everlast with thousands of satisfied consumers.

Overall, these gloves are a good purchase for the money. If you are seriously looking for the best boxing gloves for the money, I would like to recommend to buy the everlast pro style training gloves. Thanks for reading this best boxing gloves review guide. If you have any question, please leave a comment below.

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