The Best Ways to Clean a Hydration Pack

Hiking hydration packs are the most famous and popular element of hiking gear. And it is renowned for various good reasons. Hiking is one of the most painful yet enjoyable. After a weekend of hiking or bike trip, you got home hungry, tired and you can't even decide what to do. Should you take a shower or unpack and clean all your stuff. The tired mind finds it difficult to determine. The dirty hydration pack is the final thing comes to your mind of cleaning.

Many people think that what is the need of cleaning a hydration pack which contains clean water. But bacteria and other little buggers will find their way to grow their habitat in your drinking sip. The best way to wipe out their existence from your pack is to clean it often when you come to your home.

You do not need to gain knowledge of rocket science for cleaning this thing. It is like washing your water bottle. The awkward shapes of the pack might seem difficult to clean, but through this article, you will learn to clean it very quickly with the help of few steps.

The Things You Will Need

1| Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools For Hydration Pack

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Below listed items are best to clean your pack. It is not necessary that you have to use only these items to clean it. You can use your hand as an example. But these tools are being used by most of the pack holders.

  • Knotted cord: a knotted rod is needed to clean your hydration pack. This cord ought to be longer than drinking tube which you use. The knot must be big enough to fit tightly inside the hydration pack tube. To clean the tube just merely pull in and out the knot through the tube 3 to 4 times. It will clean out all the mess from the pipe.
  • Cleaning brushes for drinking tube and reservoir: These tools help you to clean every part of the hydration pack more successfully. These tools are must need tools for your cleaning procedure.
  • Kitchen scrub brush or scrubbing pad: This is kitchenware, and almost every kitchen has a scrub brush. The brush is also one of the most useful things when it comes to cleaning the mess. This is useful but hard to reach all the places and corners of the pack.
  • Toothbrush: Toothbrush is another effective tool on the era of cleaning. Toothbrush reaches the place where your hand can not. To clean all the tricky corners of your pack toothbrush is effective. But do not use toothpaste as you use it in your mouth.

2 | Cleaning Solutions

You can clean your hydration pack with the fundamental thing in your house, the mild dish soap. It is enough to clean your pack. But still, I recommend you to use following cleaning solutions to clean up your pack.

  • Baking Soda: Baking soda is an all-rounder in the cleaning area. It is the most effective cleaning solution against odors. It is recommended to use 录 cup of baking soda in 戮 cups of water to wash your pack reservoir.
  • Reservoir cleaning tablets: If you do not like to measure every time before cleaning then you can use reservoir cleaning tablets. They do not need any measuring. You need to drop the tabled in the water. It will formulate to clear deposits that can grow up in hydration system in time.
  • Household Bleaches: Household bleaches are very much active in killing bacteria and viruses. It is recommended to use 2 to 5 drops of this unscented bleach in every liter of water.
  • Denture Cleaning Tablets: These tablets are used to clean mouth germs and bacteria, and these are not specifically made for cleaning hydration system. But you can use it as cheap alternative cleaning tablets.
  • Lemon Juice: Lemon contains an active ingredient which helps to clean stains and viruses from any pack. It helps to neutralize against strong odors. You can use 录 cup of lemon juice in every liter of water to clean pack. If you are not convinced enough, then you can use bleach and baking soda together. Or you can mix bleach or baking soda with lemon. But you have to maintain the ratio because lemon juice and baking soda produces a reaction.

3 |Drying Aids

Circulating air through hydration pack is the necessary procedure for cleaning it. If you do not allow it, then it may grow germs again. It is recommended to place pack upside down or hand so that water inside it can drip out.

  • Clothespins: You can hang your pack in clothes hanger. Place it outside for faster result.
  • Paper Towels: You can dry hydration pack with paper towels. Place and stuff the pack with enough paper towels so that it can be wide open.
  • Kitchen Whisk: It is time to use your kitchen whisk. Place it inside the pack so that it will hold the hydration pack wide open to circulate air through the pack.
  • Reservoir Hanger: It is specially made for the hanging pack. Most of the pack will fit in the reservoir hanger. But there are few packs which are not compatible with it. For that, you might use above procedures.
  • Complete Pack: Some companies supply the entire pack of cleaning hydration bladder. It includes everything you need. The full pack is not recommended or required to clean it. But if you want to make your life easier then, you can go for it. It helps you out from this miserable procedure.

Cleaning Procedure and Scrubbing

The cleaning procedure is a two-stage process. First of all, you blend the solution with water to negate nasties from the system. Then you have to wash out the answer with dish soap. Step by step procedures are given below

Step one: Mixing Cleaning Solution

  1. Fill up the pack with warm water. But not with hot water which can blister you. Add home cleaning ingredient or cleaning tablet. After that seal the pack and shake it.
  2. After shaking, lift the tube into the sink and open the pipe. Let the solution go through the pipeline.

Step two: Wash and Rinse

  1. Prepare the solution again and now mix some soap with it. Make sure that you've used warm water instead of cold water.
  2. Now you have to scrub all of the pack. Scrub the interior and then clean the tube. It will be easier if you remove the pipe from the central interior.
  3. Rinse everything thoroughly.

Step three: Air Dry

  1. Take apart all the pieces of the pack which is reservoir, tube and bite valve.
  2. Hang the reservoir on the hanger, or you can set it upside down to drip out of water for the drying process.
  3. Hang the tube alongside the bite valve. Some hanger comes with a clip; you can hang your tube there.

Final verdict

Cleaning your hydration pack is the most important thing after hiking or biking. Water is another form of life. You can't live your life filled with germs.


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