How To Clean Your Shoes (Top 15 Ways) To Clean Your Shoes

Shoes get muddy, it is inevitable unless you invented something to keep them brand-new even after use. For now, there is no way to prevent them from getting dirty. So, the only option left is to clean them. And it's quite important to know how to clean your shoes.

One reason is obviously to retain the fresh appearance. Meanwhile to extend their life expectancy. However, without proper care, none of those are possible.

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15 Simple ways to clean your shoes

Cleaning shoes might look like a simple task. In reality, it truly isn't that hard. And still, some of you will make a real mess performing this straightforward chore. Simply because you don't have a clue how to clean your shoes.

I don't blame you. There is a lot to learn when it comes to clean the kicks. Like what material the shoe is made from and how to clean it. That's where I come providing my assistance to spare you all the information. And just show you how to get them neat.

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simple ways to clean your shoes

Leather Shoes

  • Dirt and debris get stuck in the leather shoes very often. So, make sure to clean them. And to do that, all you need is a shoe brush. Or you can use an old toothbrush too. Once you're set with the brush, just rub it along the soles. And be gentle with the rub, don't brush too hard if you want to keep the leather good as new.
  • Keep baby wipes at your disposal at all times while traveling. This thing is a real lifesaver to get the specks of dirt on the leather shoes. Just take a wipe out and start rubbing along the soles as mentioned earlier. And in no time, the spots will be gone thanks to the moisturizing qualities of the wipes.
  • Leather shoes get stain marks a lot. This is one of the reasons why many try to avoid such footwear. But it turns out, getting rid of stains isn't that hard. For instance, if you get salt stains on the leather, just apply a water, vinegar mix to it using a clean cloth. Problem solved. And if it's a greasy kind of stain, just pour some talcum powder directly to the spot. Let that sit there for 2-4 hours and later clean the powder using a brush.
How to clean shoes

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Suede Shoes

  • Similar to leather shoes, you can clean the dirt using a brush. But don't make the mistake of using any normal brush. To treat the suede shoes, you need to buy a particular kind of brush. Just check online or any shoe store to buy them. And while brushing, always brush towards a particular direction at all times.
  • To get rid of stains and other marks use silicon spray. You'll get the stains out in no time. However, don't brush after spraying. Just let the silicon do its thing.
  • Smudge on suede isn't something new. Instead, it happens a lot with this type of shoes. But there is nothing to worry about as the solution is rather simple. All you need a rubber eraser. Now, only instead of erasing the mistakes on your paper, you'll be using it to get rid of the smear on the shoes.
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Canvas shoes

  • Now, if you're a canvas owner, then do things a bit differently. Use any stain remover to clean the dirty spots on the shoe. But before applying it, do a test run. This is to make sure, the stain remover isn't too strong on the material. Now, assuming the product passed the taste, just pour a dab of it on the stains to remove the spots.
  • You can use the washing machine to clean the dirty canvas. Put them inside the machine and add detergent. Next, choose cold water and put the machine in delicate cycle. Let it run for a couple of minutes before pulling out the shoes. Now, all it needs to dry. Don't put the shoes under the sun, just let it dry on its own.
  • The soles of the canvas get the most filthy. There is no denying, it is a fact. But you can even salvage the area. Get yourself a toothbrush, some baking soda, and water. Now, make a thick paste by adding the soda to the water. Then put the brush in it. The next part is quite self-explanatory, use the brush to clean the sole. Once you get it clean, wipe the whole thing with a clean wet cloth.
simple ways to clean your shoes

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Vinyl shoes

  • This material is also quite popular in shoes. So, probably, there are people who need to know how to clean them. Not that hard, to be honest. Take a cloth and dip it in lukewarm water. Next, use the cloth to clean the surface of the shoe. It's that simple.
  • Vinyl shoes get scratch marks a lot. And if you have some on the shoe then this trick might come really handy. Simply use the pencil eraser on the scratch. I can vouch for it. So, don't doubt and try this to see results.
  • Use a soft brush to get rid of the debris if the shoes have any. After that, soak an old toothbrush in a detergent mix before applying it on the vinyl. This will clear out the smudges and the thing will shine as if it just came out of the factory.
How to clean your shoes

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White shoes

  • Man, anything white demands its own processes of cleaning. Same goes for the white shoes. Get the white canvas shoes and scrub the hell out of it using detergent. Next, rinse it with water before putting it in hot water with bleach mixed in it. After that, let the shoes dry.
  • For the white mesh sneaker, use the washing machine. Put them in with some detergent. Avoid bleach in this case at all cost. Then run the machine on hot water cycle before getting it out to dry overnight. Always, clean the dirt and debris with a toothbrush ahead of cleaning in the sneaker in the washer.
  • If you own a pair of white leather shoes then you're constantly in need to keep them clean. It might take a lot of work but it is doable. Just simply grab a white clean cloth and dip it in water. Rub the cloth on the leather to clean the dirt. If there is a stain on the shoe, use the special shoe cleaner for white leather. Or, you can use white paste and rub it using the cloth. Either way, you'll be happy with the outcomes.
How to clean your shoes- Top 15 Ways to Clean your shoes

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Final verdict

I can only hope that you've learned how to clean your shoes. No matter what type of shoes you're wearing, now you can get them clean. The only thing required is the commitment to take make some time daily to take proper care of them.

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