Top 10 Ways of Relieving Middle Back Pain

I'm always running across the question - "what is the middle back pain causes and what should I do to get rid of this acute pain?"

Or expressed another way, "Why do I have middle back pain?" Well, a middle back pain is not as common as lower or upper back pain, but it is extremely unpleasant. Middle back pain can put a brake on your day and affect your expertise to complete easy tasks. Looking for pain relief cream? Check out Best Pain Relief Cream 2018 here!

But why the middle back area causes severe pain? The middle of the back also known as a thoracic spine which is made up of ligaments, muscles, and tendons that allows movement. This area is associated with the ribs, and it is too much inflexible. You cannot bend or stretch this area as like as upper and lower back part of your body. It is often occurred due to stressed joints or strained muscles between the vertebrae and ribs.

Also, you may suffer from middle back pain due to poor posture, lack of exercise or an injury. That is why it seems like a tricky little area which causes severe pain, and many of us do not find out the main causes of it. According to CNN report, "more than 50 million peoples (Americans) deal with acute middle back pain at a huge cost (more than $100 billion) in every year." However, we all want to get relief from this severe pain. There are many different ways which can relieve you from middle back pain.

But I did something special to choose the best practices or ways to get relief from this pain. I discussed with an expert physician, read lots of related pain journals and blogs and finally discovered some top-notch ways for middle back pain. In this article, I will share the top 10 ways on how to get rid of the middle back pain. So let's see these magic ways which give you relief from pain in your middle back area.

The 10 Best Ways of Relieving Middle Back Pain:

1 | Exercise and stretches

Exercise and stretches are recommended to reduce the middle back pain as they speed the recovery process. Stretching helps to improve the flexibility which is great to reduce pain or other injuries. Regular exercise and stretching also strengthen muscle which supports your spine. This strengthens muscle supports the mid back area which reliefs you from pain.

Exercises like walking, swimming and cycling are also highly recommended to relieve you from middle back pain. Practicing these exercises makes your muscle strong enough which improves your posture, lowers the possibility of injury, keep your body fit and reduce pain.

One study has found that "regular yoga or exercises using special apparatus are highly effective to reduce middle back pain." According to the fitness and health journal, "stretching is best after a workout when your body is warmed up." However, you should take a break while you are stretching and exercise and do not take too much time to start again.

2 | Benefits of Movement

You will find plenty of benefits of exercising if you suffer from severe middle back pain. Let's discuss these below:

  • It reduces muscle tension and spasm.
  • Regular exercising increases the blood flow and reduces the inflammation. They also provide nutrients to the middle back area.
  • You will find it better for soft tissue mobility.
  • Increase your daily activities which will keep you fit and reduce pain.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety which causes middle back pain.
  • If you exercising 10 minutes, your brain produces special chemicals which provides a calming effect on the affected area.

However, consult with a physiotherapist or doctor before starting any kinds of exercises for your middle back pain.

3 | Do cat and cow pose

Practicing this type of pose seems to be a great way to extend your middle back area which increases the flexibility of muscles. Place yourself on all fours including shoulders over your hands. Then align your hips with knees. When you positioned yourself you should do the following things:

  • Take breathe as you curve your spine downward.
  • Stretching your neck and back.
  • Breathe out as you curve your spine upward.
  • Repeat these 5 to 10 times which reduce rigidity in your middle back.

You can move your hips and try to look over each shoulder from side to side when you are doing this type of pose. Practicing these poses helps you to loosen up your spine and back.

4 | Painkillers

Using the OTC (over the counter) drug can reduce swelling and pain. Over the counter drug such as Acetaminophen will relieve you from pain. Also the NSAIDs drugs such as Aspirin, Motrin and Ibuprofen can relieve you from pain especially middle back pain.

Tips: Be careful and safe before using these drugs. Read the instruction and consult with your doctor how you consume these drugs.

5 | Ice or heat

Applying ice or heat also highly beneficial and effective for reducing middle back pain. Heat helps you to get relief from stiffness and pain. On the other hand, applying ice can reduce swelling and pain. You may try to apply both ice and heat until you find which remedy is best for you.

6 | Manual and physical therapy

Applying manual therapy (including massage or spinal manipulation) is also beneficial for reducing pain and muscle tension. Throughout this therapy, you can increase the bloodstream in the middle back area which reduces pain. According to physiotherapist or fitness, expert doing specific exercises regularly combined with massage can successfully and effectively relieve you from severe back pain. They will also suggest, always practicing stretches and exercises at home which provides great support in the affected area.

7 | Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a science in which needles are pushed into the certain points on your body. This method concentrates the certain points on the middle back area which helps you to get relief from severe pain. According to a physician, "acupuncture treatment is the number one and a highly effective way to reduce chronic middle back pain." 

8 | Practice good posture

You may also suffer from middle back pain due to poor posture. Good posture reduces stress on your middle back area which causes pain. It is better to keep your back straight, try to sit tall and level your weight evenly on feet.  Also, ensure that you take up right positions when you are driving or using computers. For instance, when you are at home or office or a computer, ensure that the screen is at eye level. Also while you are driving car try to sit closer to steering.

9 | Sleeping

You may suffer from severe middle back pain if you sleep in an uncomfortable position at night. So you need to find out a comfortable sleeping position. Using a pillow also helps you to maintain your sleeping position which supports your back. One study of Sleep Council found, "mattress needs to change every 7 years for comfortable sleeping which reduces middle back pain."

10 | Stay positive

While you are in severe pain in your middle back area, do not optimistic and stay in positive. Though it is difficult but important to stay positive which give your faster relief from acute pain.

Final verdict

Middle back pain seems to be a common problem in people of all ages. However, it becomes more and more noticeable when people reach into their middle ages. Generally, it is ocured by strained or damaged muscles in the middle back area. But if you are following the ways that I mentioned above, you will definitely get relief from middle back pain.

These are most proven ways on how to get rid of the middle back pain completely in your life.  If you follow these top 10 ways - there is no need to suffer. So let's follow these ways and say goodbye to middle back pain.


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