Get Your Eyes to Stop Burning From Onions – Tricks for Cutting Onions

The burning sensation in the eyes while chopping onions is just irritating. And it gets embarrassing as most people end up tearing up when peeling and dicing the onions. It reaches the point that if someone comes in and sees you like that, they may think you are having a bad emotional meltdown.

And no one wants to be a part of that conversation. You don't have to if you know how to get your eyes to stop burning from onions. No burning, no tears and obviously no awkward situations anymore.

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Tricks to stop eyes burning from onion chopping:

It's no secret. Even the strongest person breaks down and sheds a tear or two while dicing those damn onions. Those things open the bridge that won't stop until you're done with them.

It might be true, but there are ways to keep the water at bay. Yes, you can chop the onions without shading any tear. Sounds nice, doesn't it. So, if you want to know the secrets of tear-less chopping then keep reading.

The 9 Best Secrets of Tear-less Onion Chopping Tricks:

1. Get Goggles

Get Goggles

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Let's start with something simple but effective. Like the goggles. The shades won't work as they won't seal the area around. But goggles will cover the area around the eyes. So, no onion vapor can make those eyes burn and therefore no more crying dicing the things. Now, there are special goggles available on the market just to solve this problem. However, if you got swimming goggles then that would work too.

2. Freeze onions

Freeze onions

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A simple and effective option is to put the onion in the freezer for at least an hour before cutting it. The cold atmosphere of the freezer makes sure the burning chemicals of the onion goes away. So, when you take out them out of the cold and peel them, the eyes won't burn which they naturally do. However, peeling and dicing cold onions can be tricky at times, but it is better than weeping.

3. Need some Ventilation

Need some Ventilation

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If there is an overhead vent in the kitchen then this trick might just do it. Take the chopping board right under the vent and turn it on while dicing the onion. The theory is rather simple. The fan on the vent will redirect the stinging gas of the onions to somewhere else than the eyes. It might sound crazy, but in reality, this works pretty well. Not saying that you won't even get a sting on the eyes. There will be mild stinging but not so strong to make anyone cry their eyes out.

4. Soak in water

Soak in water

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The method is similar to the freezing onion. Here, you'll be soaking the onion 15-20 minutes before chopping them into pieces. The idea behind this is to get the sulfuric causing the burning get washed away from it. And it works. There is a very little sting to be felt in the eyes after soaking them in water for some time. However, let me remind one thing, the onions might taste a little milder. For me, that's not a big issue, but if it effects your dishes then look for another option.

5. Cut under tap water

Cut under tap water

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Why wait? Some people don't have the patience nor the time to wait around for the onions to soak in the water. And if you're part of that group then this might be more up to your speed. Just take the chopping board under the tap and open it. Let the water run while you cut the onion as usual. The best part, no more burning in the eyes. The vapor doesn't get the chance to hit the eyes due to the constant water running. 

However, this method has its downside. The onion gets slippery and with the water flow, it's hard to keep chopping the thing. If you're not careful enough there can be consequences. So, only if you're sure about this then give this trick a try.

6. Get a lemon

Get a lemon

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This is a trick I fancy myself. Just get a lemon, cut it in half and rub it over the chopping board. Do the same with the knife. Now, take the onion and start cutting it. For some reason, the vapor won't tingle with your eyes. The scientific reason is still unknown to me. But I know one thing and that's this trick works. There is also a plus side of using lemon on the board. The onion smell won't linger on it. So, now other things won't smell like onions when you cut them on the board. Big relief.

7. Boiling water

Boiling water

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Many of the how to get your eyes to stop burning from onions tips involve water. This time, it isn't directly involved in the process like the previous one. Just take water in a pot and put it on the stove. Wait until it starts to boil. Now start mincing the onions right by the boiling water. The trick here is to let the evaporating water to dissipate the gas released from the onion that causes the burning sensation. It feels weird, but after giving it a try, you'll thank me.

8. Light a candle

Light a candle

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Let's make the dicing onion a bit romantic. Light a candle before getting on with the onion. Does that sound good? Joke aside, lighting a candle will make the process a bit easier. The burning eyes could be avoided thanks to the burning candle as it would take away the fumes. So, no more weeping or itching while you mince the onions.

9. Acidic solution

Acidic solution

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If you're not happy with the results yet then try this last trick. For this to work, you need vinegar and salt. The vinegar is on the board where you cut the onions. While the salt is to add in the water which will be used to soak the onions. Both these things will help to get rid of the onion chemical that causes the stinging. But remember one thing, the onion might taste a bit unusual.

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Final verdict

The tricks are quite simple and hardly requires anything that you can't find in the house. So, there is no reason for not trying them. Yes, some of the tricks are a little to elaborate than others but they do give the results. So, no more unwanted tear shedding on dicing onions. Just smile through it.


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