How To Repair Cracked Leather Boots – 3 Steps To Follow

If the shine has disappeared and cracks have appeared on your leather boots, do not rush to move it to the top shelf of the cabinet. I am going to share many ways not only to clean the leather boots but also to resuscitate the leather surface, helping your shoes last a few more seasons.

With a little effort and patience, you can repair the cracks in your leather boots and extend the life of your shoes. Many of the items you will find in shoe stores or equestrian accessory stores. You can buy cleaning products, treatment, and leather restoration products from there.

Polishing with mink oil and polishing with a shoe cream will help prevent cracks from forming. I am going to explain the whole things in details in this article. So keep reading.

Is Your Leather Boots Damaged? Don't  worry, And We Have The Solution

Having a leather shoe is always the best option not only gives you a distinctive look but also is necessary for the health of your feet. As they provide space for sweat, which is very important (you must be aware of other factors, such as footwear design). However, on many occasions and due to continuous use, the leather weakens and loses its efficiency. So, gradually it becomes damaged.

If your leather boot has been damaged, do not worry, since there are certain ways you can modify everything and repair them quickly. You can fix your leather boots without spending large sums of money, and that is also like as efficient as professional.

Keep in mind that one of the main factors that can damage your leather boots are the weather conditions to which they are subjected. For example, if it is a very hot area and the sun is intense, the leather will be drying and cracking (this it needs to be always lubricated by oily solutions). 

On the other hand, if the climate is humid, it can rot. So we recommend you to look for information on our website or with a professional you know so you know what kind of care you should apply to your shoes so that they will last longer.

Things You Will Need

  • Dry brush
  • Dauber shoe
  • Saddle soap
  • Mink oil
  • Dish towel
  • Metal spoon
  • Bitumen

Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Clean the Boot

First thing you have to do is to clean your leather boot. The reason is that it is easier to repair the crack with a clean surface rather than a dirty one. You need to use dry brush to remove the dirt from boot. Additionally, you have use a dauber shoe and rub soap saddle on the leather. Finally, let the boot dry after you fully clean the leather.

Step 2: Apply Oil

Now you have to apply some mink oil to the leather. Get a metal spoon from your kitchen. We will use this spoon to rub the mink oil. Turn the spoon back so that you can see the oval surface. Now drop a few of mink oil on the spoon and rub on the crack area of leather with it. Keep rubbing by slight pressure on the crack until it vanishes.

Step 3: Condition the Boot

After rubbing oil the boot looks little bit dull. We have to condition to remove the dullness of the boot. Apply some shoe cream all over the leather of the boot. It will make your boot glossy like the new one though it is not new.

Also, to prevent the leather from cracking or damaging again, it is recommended that you clean it of dust since these specks could ruin the appearance of the shoe and break it. For this reason, keep your shoes covered with a bag or in a cardboard box, so they are protected. In this article, I will tell you more about how to care for leather boots.

Apply These Tips

We are almost finalizing our recommendations so that you learn to fix the leather boots. However, they would not be complete if you do not apply the following step: give them a good finish. You will have to apply, once you observe that the shoes have a better appearance than they had before. What you will have to do is polish them entirely in neutral bitumen and thus give them a much more careful look, as they will have a shiny surface (something important in leather shoes in good condition). Also, keep the leather moistened with leather cream to prevent further cracking.

The recommendation is that you should not use them in the next 24 hours, so your boots have the chance to be repaired and its properties to regenerate a little so that its appearance is much more striking.

When they are already polished, it is essential that you take care of them a lot (precaution is the key to everything). For this keep in mind, you should let the sun hit them directly since it will dry them and may get damaged for the second time. When you store them, ensure that the area is dry and protected from the weather (you can save them in the box in which you bought them, so they will not accumulate dust, you can also use a bag) learn how to store them according to the seasons.

How To Protect Leather Shoes From Cracking?

If you use the leather boots in the wrong way, the surface may appear scuffs and cracks. If you want your leather boots don't lose their shape and not become cracked, you should pack the nose part with newspaper and place a piece of cardboard in the ankle. 

After walking in the evening, you should wipe your leather boot a damp cloth, and rub a small amount of cream in the cracked area. You can fish oil (castor oil) to impart water resistance to the boot.

It is advisable to wash white leather shoes with a foam sponge or soft brush, which is moistened in water with detergent. Then you should wash your shoes with plain warm water, dry them away from heating devices and treat with a colorless cream.

If you wear woolen shoes in hot weather or use an automatic shoe polisher often, the varnish film will lose strength as well the form, and then cracks will appear. For the prevention of husky shoes, you should regularly wipe with a cotton swab to handle glycerin (castor oil). After 20 minutes, remove the extra oil and rub the boot with velvet. Old shoes will get shine like new if you treat it with a white egg.

One of the problems that usually arise when cleaning leather boots is that we always end up staining more than we would like. Hence, whenever you are going to perform this task, do it in a place that you have prepared previously. For example, you can place an old newspaper on a table and clean the boots on it. Likewise, we suggest you introduce one hand on a boot and clean it with the other hand, for more significant support. If you also use latex gloves in this process, you will almost certainly not get dirty.

We hope that you have served these tips and applied them. Tell us how it went. Was it useful? Did you have a problem at the time of repair? Send us your comments, we will appreciate them, or if you prefer, share this post through your social networks.

Note: You can give it a try any of these steps on your farm boot too. It may work for them also.


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