Top Secret Technique For How To Tie Boot Laces Properly

It's reasonable for you to ask what's the difference between lacing boots from the shoes? There isn't any actually. Lace the boots the way you do the shoes.

It won't make any difference But let me add one thing, changing lacing patterns give variety to your style. More importantly, various lacing techniques present the opportunity to get more comfortable wearing those boots. Especially, people who have wide or narrow feets.

For them, knowing how to tie boot laces in various ways opens a whole new universe.

5 Different ways to tie your boot laces

The boots come with a lacing pattern when you buy them. So, it's not quite uncommon to tie the boots that way all the time. To be fair, it's natural to do so. But that doesn't mean, you have to keep doing it the same way all the time. Try different types of lacing patterns, just to see if some of them make the boots feel more comfortable to wear. Or do it because to get a new look out of those things for once.

How to tie boot laces

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Whatever might be the reason, it doesn't harm to know how to tie boot laces in more than one way.

Diagonal pattern:

This is quite straightforward. First, lace the boot on the bottom eyelets and make sure the tips are even on both sides. Now, the actual lacing begins. Go up the boot with the laces in a criss-cross style. Take a quick note, the lace will be on the outside and then make it go inside the eyelet. It's important you do both lace sides at a time.

Tie boot laces by Diagonal pattern

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That means, rotate the lacing or the pattern won't be right. Now, keep doing that until you reach the top part of the boot. Then tie a knot. If you got some extra bit of lace, make it go around the boots before the knot. This gives a clean look.

Army pattern

The start remains the same. Get the lace first through the bottom eyelets to get this thing started. However, the lace goes through the inside from the bottom eyelets. Now, you can jump to the main part of the business end. To get the army pattern, take one end of the lace and go from outside like the diagonal one. Once, you got both the lace ends through the second eyelet, go criss-cross like the previous technique. But the lace goes through the inside part of the eyelet and gets right into the next eyelet.

Tie boot laces by Army pattern

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Then keep repeating the pattern until you reach the top part. Finish strong with a nice bowknot and you're all set.

Ladder pattern

For high neck boots, this is just perfect. To start with, get the laces through the bottom eyelets from the inside part. Now, each side of the lace will go vertically up to the above one. Obviously, this time the laces go in from the outside. Here comes the tricky part. Carefully take the end that you've gotten inside to take it to horizontally on the other side. Make it go over the boot to get it under the loop that you've created on the outside part. Similarly, do the same thing with the other side of the lace.

Tie boot laces by Ladder pattern

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Then again take the end of laces vertically to get through the eyelets. After done with that, do the same thing to get the ends underneath the loop. Follow the steps till you reached the last eyelet. All require, a nice knot at top to get the nice ladder tie.

Spiderweb pattern

This is a unique lacing pattern. It might give you the sense individuality you're looking for with the boots. Now, to get going, first take your lace and start your way through the second eyelets from the underneath horizontally. Next, take each end down straight to the bottom eyelets. Get the laces in through the outside part to move onto the next phase. Now cross the lace ends to the third eyelets from underneath.

Tie boot laces by spiderweb pattern

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Then, the laces will go again down, but this time the lace ends will go under the vertical line that you've got from second and bottom eyelets. Now, again cross the laces from underneath to get through the fourth eyelets and keep continuing the above steps. It's a little bit complicated, but the results will make worth it.

Diamond pattern

This one starts from the bottom eyelets as usual. Get the lace through horizontally from underneath part of the boot. Now take one end of the lace and go diagonally. But skip an eyelet and move forward to the next. Take the lace end and get it through from outside to the inside. Do the same with the other end too. You now got a nice cross. Then take the ends vertically down under the cross to the skipped eyelets. This goes from inside to outside.

Tie boot laces by Diamond pattern

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Now take the lace ends and move to the next eyelets that are not used. The laces will go diagonally again and go from outside to inside. Again, take the lace ends straight down underneath the cross and the lace will go from in to out like before. Don't freak out as there is already laces going through the eyelets. You didn't anything wrong.

Now, again take the ends and move towards the next available eyelets. The process from there is quite straightforward. It doesn't need breaking down as you've got to simply repeat this like before till you make to the top.

Final verdict:

There is no right way lacing your boots. If the pattern feels right, then that's the right way. However, depending on your outfit, you should pick a lacing pattern. Like the traditional crossover goes nicely with the formal attire.

But as I've said, there are no rules when it comes to lacing those boots. So, go crazy with any of the techniques and see which one suits the most. And share these how to tie boot laces methods with your friends and family. Because sharing is caring.


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