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How To Use Hydration Pack Bite Valve?

By Michel Rowbotham

How To Use Hydration Pack Bite Valve?

How to use a hydration pack bite valve? What is a hydration pack bite valve actually? 

All the questions bothering you? 
Let's find the answers.

One of the most significant things to consider while exercising, running, biking- is hydration. 

Several types of research from the Sports Medicine show that the workouts have an adverse effect, it loses 2% of your average body weight through sweat and dehydration.

The hydration packs permit individuals to resolve the issue. This article will help you to learn about the importance of hydration packs and how to use them to keep yourself completely hydrated.

Assess your Water Needs 

Every individual requires different amount and quantity of water to stay properly hydrated. The amount of water is dependent on the temperature and level of intensity when you are doing exercise.

On a workout, if the temperature is high, there will be more sweat, and you require hydrating that you do not feel consumed. You can see the absorbed feeling in the form of a headache, thirst, dry mouth, and dizziness.

A workout of high intensity will create more sweat more than a walk around the surroundings. One to two hours before the exercise, you should drink almost 15-20 ounces of water. Just before your workout, drink about 8-10 ounces of water, nearly a glass of water. It will make sure adequate hydration just before you start your exercise.

Ditch the Water Bottle

Before the workout, being properly hydrated is fit but what about the hydration during the exercise? Activities such as cycling and long-distance running are time taking and need persistent hydration to maintain your energy levels at a high rate and inhibit the symptoms of dehydration.

The hydration packs are quite suitable to handle, and they give you the storage for the essential workouts. When you stop your exercise for the water bottle to detach its cap, you get disturbed from the workout. The hydration packs make yourself hydrated while you continue the workout.

How do they Work?

The hydration packs come in a variety of waist packs or backpacks, like the appearance of the fanny pack. The hydration pack operates by containing a rubber or plastic bladder packed with liquid. The hose expands your shoulders so that you can approach it with your mouth. Most of the hydration packs contain tubes with a bite valve. As the wearer bites down on a lid, you can suck water from the box to the mouth.

Different Activities, Different Packs 

It is quite significant to keep in your mind when you are using a hydration pack, what activity you will be doing. There are multiple sizes to meet your requirements. The hydration packs can carry from one to three liters of water. They can give you handy storage for important exercise, for instance, car keys, energy gels, cell phone, maps, and wallets.  

If you are thinking of using the hydration pack for hiking, you can utilize a kit that contains multiple pockets for the storage of maps, food, and minor medical supplies. On the other side, a hydration pack used for running or long distance cycling should not need many pockets of storage as a hiking pack, and it should be lightweight.

Other Features 

The below mentioned are the extra and convenient features that will consider the hydration pack to be your favorite accessory for exercise. 

  • The flexible design for free movement
  • Adjustable straps
  • Compression straps for weight transfer, comfort, and better balance
  • Built-in safety whistle
  • Heavy duty pockets for special tools, trekking poles, extra layers and headlamps
  • Sunglasses pocket. 

Clean Often

There is a variety of bacteria that are present in multiple parts of the hydration pack. To refrain from any smells and molds, you should wash and dry the bladder of hydration pack every time before use. But it is entirely possible that you can forget some time to clean the hydration pack bladder after a hectic workout.

 For this situation, you can drop a solution of a half teaspoon of bleach powder and warm water into the bladder. After that, you can agitate the bladder for the equal distribution inside it. Then, you can clean the hose by releasing the solution through the bite value. After this procedure, you may find the unpleasant taste of bleach.

To prevent from that taste, you can mix one tablespoon of baking soda in one liter off water and repeat the same method. Fill up the bladder with the solution of baking soda and then release it with the help of bite value. Don't forget to dry the bladder thoroughly. Make sure that no suspension present inside the bladder.

Healthy, Hydrated, and Happy

Keep your dehydration away with a hydration pack. When you make up your mind for some physical exercise, you need to hydrate your body correctly for the best performance. It is incredibly disastrous when you subject to the dehydration. You will have all the primary tools to keep your body hydrated with the hydration pack.

How to Choose Hydration Packs

Hydration packs are the best for the transport of water, and you can make your drinking efficient and convenient. However, with some of the hydration packs, no need to stop anywhere to drink water, and you can take the drinking tube attached to the bladder. When you are going to buy a hydration pack, always assure that it fulfills the purpose of bringing the hydration pack and you can consider all the essential things like fitness, capacity, and additional features.

Let's check how to select hydration packs.

Types of hydration packs: 

First, look for a package that is designed for all the activities you can perform.


Always assure that the pack has sufficient space for the water and gear. 


Always assure that pack fits the hip size and torso length. 

Hydration Pack Features

The most important features of the hydration pack are:

Bite valve shut-off switch: 

Some of the bite valves rotate to close and open, others contain a switch to make sure that water does not go out when you do not require it. 

Tube portals: 

it is a slit that permits you to thread the sip tube from the storage to the exterior part of the backpack. Some of the hydration packs provide two portals so that you can set the position of the machine to hang over the shoulder. Some of the hydration packs give a single centered portal.


Many of the hydration packs involve a clip on the strap of the shoulder to maintain the tube in a position for easy access. 

Quick-disconnect tubing:

Some of the storage involves a tube of drink that detaches from the body of the room which is great when you are going to refill the mid-hike reservoir. You can separate the tube when you press the button and push the repository. It permits you to free the cell, which is handy if you have routed it with the help of tube portal. 

Wide-mouth opening: 

Wide-mouth openings permit you to make a space for your hand to fit in the reservoir which makes the cleaning easy for you. Choosing a repository having a small aperture leads to buying a kit for cleaning which involves some brushes for scrubbing.


Now you know how to use a hydration pack bite valve and how important it is for you while working out or biking.

Hope this article will help you a lot.

If you are ready to buy one, then check our the best hydration pack selections. 

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