Best Way to Installing a Wood Burning Stove in an Existing Home

Do you know how to install a wood burning at home? Well, installing a wood burning stove in an existing home seems to be the best way to heat your room without using petroleum or energy costs.

A wood-burning stove is an environment-friendly unit which provides a comfortable fire from an inexpensive and renewable energy source. It is much more effective than an average heating method to provide an even distribution of heat.

In this article, we will discuss how you can successfully install a wood stove in your existing home. Read more to learn our step by step process to successfully install a wood burning stove.

How to install a wood burning stove in an existing home?

Installing a wood burning stove is not too difficult. But you need to follow building code rules. Here we discuss a step by step process that helps you to safely install a woodstove in your home. Let's see for details...

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Step 1 (Get the authorization from your regional government):

Before installing a wood stove, contact with your regional administrator. You need to get the permission of your local officials before installing a wood stove as like as building projects. Because the local officials confirm that you are following all the safety rules related to stove installation.

Before starting the process, you need to contact with your planning department of the city government as the rules differ from town to town. This department of your city helps you to get a building permit to install a stove in your house. Finally contacting with a regional fire commander for inspection the installation system.

Step 2 (Use a non- inflammable floor pad):

You can use a non- inflammable floor pad where you are going to set up the wood stove. This non- inflammable floor pad is made from ceramic tile, brick, concrete and many other volatile substances. A floor pad is necessary for safe wood stove use. If the embers fall from the stove, it just comes in contact with the pad and saves the floor. This pad also reduces the risk of fire as well. Using floor pad is highly essential for those houses which have wood or carpet floors. 

Step 3 (Add a heat shield:):

If you want to protect the surrounding wall of your wood stove, it is important to install the heat shield. Throughout the installation of the heat shield, you can reduce the damage to the nearby walls around a wood stove. The heat shield is made from a metal sheet which is easy to fix over the walls. You may also contact with regional supervisors if you need any notable authorization or other related consent.

Step 4 (Carefully place your wood stove):

You need to set your wood stove carefully. You can hire the professionals when you move your stove for positioning. But if you move it by yourself, you should be careful as it is incredibly heavy. So before jumping your wood stove make sure you are taking all the necessary steps to protect yourself.

Step 5 (Set up a chimney):

You need to set up the chimney and fix it on the stove. It is highly essential to have a good functioning chimney for your wood stove installation. A proper functioning chimney can carry fumes and deposit apparently out of your house. But if you cannot install the chimney correctly it fails to remove the smoke and leave your room a Smokey and gloomy mess.

You need to set up well-insulated chimney which is made from the non-inflammable element. Today, you will find a chimney for your wood stove that is made from a particular material such as stainless steel piping.

If you want to fix the stove to the chimney, you may apply a stovepipe. But you should remember that your stovepipe should be thin and poorly insulated. It is better to use a chimney that is straighter and taller.

Step 6 (Hiring certified professionals):

Finally, you can hire an expert who can install and inspect your wood stove successfully. Installing a wood stove successfully and adequately is a boon for your existing home. The improper installation of your wood stove can be dangerous for your house.

If you find any problem during installation, then enlist it and take the help of a professional. Also after installation, if you find any doubts about the safety of the stove, immediately inform a professional and repair it.

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Final verdict:

Installing a wood burning stove in an existing home is an environmentally friendly process to generate heat in cold season. It is also a cost-effective system as well. But it is highly important to know how you need to install a wood stove in your house.

I hope after reading this, you will get all the necessary information that you need for installing a stove in your home. So follow these tips and install a wood burning stove successfully. Thank you for staying with us. If you have any question, please leave a comment below.


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