Lowa Men’s Tibet GTX Trekking Boot Review For 2020

Selecting the footwear is one of the most crucial decisions made by an outdoor enthusiast. If you are a bow-hunting elk in the hilly terrains, then it is a must for you to choose your footwear carefully. This is because; if you have a history of trail running then you should pay more attention to your feet. Elk hunts need footwear that is strong and comfortable. This boot is built for handling rough terrain.

It's one of the most popular go-to boots for the outdoor enthusiasts. From the locking lace system to the contoured tongue, every detail work has been done very carefully on this boot.

Although this boot is not insulated, the waterproof shell keeps the shell dry and warm in even the coldest weather. In addition to this, the heavy-duty Vibram sole along with the supportive ankle design guarantees sure footing even if you are walking on rocky terrain or muddy ground.

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The Stability and Rubber Toe Protection

If you are looking for a very tough boot, then you should already understand from this Lowa boots review that this is the boot you need in your life. This boot is not just harsh, but it is durable and resistant to water. The Lowa Tibet GTX was designed as a workhorse boot for harsh terrains. The very supportive but slightly flexible FlexFit design helps your foot from any kind of sudden twisting and also allows sensitivity to terrains.

The ankle of Lowa Tibet GTX has been redesigned recently so it can allow softer bends and if you are into hunt and hike in the slopes and hills, then this bend allowance will help you a lot. The latest design makes the walking up-down an incline and the crouching down easier while giving necessary support.

The still sole along with the 5 millimeter full-length shank stabilizer made of nylon assist the foot-bed from twisting. This characteristic makes the boot a great choice for the stony and rough ground.

Along with this, as I have always been a fan of the full leather boots, this is one of those. These boots fit well on your feet, and they conform much better to your feet over time. So, in a short time, this boot will be comfortable for you.

In addition to this, the design of this boot is so firm, and it comes with all the necessary things that protect a pair of boots from a lot of abuse. No matter what surface you are hiking or trekking the shoe will remain firm on the ground and protect your feet from any injury.

The Traction and Lacing System

If you are looking for a good pair of hiking boots, then it is very necessary for you to find a boot that has stable footbed and well-designed sole. But, a strong and durable sole is needed because no matter how steady the footbed is nothing can beat a well-made sole for maintaining the traction on the rocky and stony ground.

You must already know from this Lowa boots review that, this boot comes with Vibram Masai outsole. This outsole will give excellent traction to your feet. The deep waffling guarantees that it will grip perfectly on the ground whether it is muddy or stony and it will make the ascending and descend easier.

Another thing that comes with the traction is the lacing system; this is one of the great features of the Lowa Boot. Lowa, right now, is the only brand that is manufacturing boots with the lacing system that consists of stud right in the middle of the tongue. It will help you to wrap the lace around. In this way, the lace will not come loose with time, and you will get the perfect tightness that suits your foot shape and style. This feature will also keep the upper part of the boot from becoming looser than the lower part.

Above all these, if you are looking for tight and nice ankle support, then it is right time we should thank the manufacturer of this best trekking boots for Everest base camp.

Boot Height and Weight

Have you ever thought which the best hiking boots for wide feet are? Let me present you Lowa men's Tibet GTX trekking boot. This is one of the best boots which comes with the right height and weight.

The weight of the Lowa men's Tibet GTX trekking boot is around 4 pounds or 1800 g when dry. Well, if you think they are the heaviest boots in the market, then some boots are heavier than this pair of boots, but obviously, they are probably on the higher end of the scale of heavy boots. Some people prefer heavier boots, but if you are not used to of using heavier boots, then you will find the trekking very tiring. This boot also makes stealthy approaches rarely. I would be sincere in this Lowa boots review, and it is needless to say that, this heavyweight is not liked by the hunters mostly as they prefer a light boot with more ground sensitivity.

Another best thing about this boot is they are very tall. The height is around 7" from the top of the foot arch. It is taller than most of the other backpacking boots, and this gives extra protection to your feet from any type of ankle injury. By the way, keep in your mind that, ankle injuries are one of the most common injuries that you get in the outdoors.

Water Resistance

I will not recommend you to swim wearing your Lowa men's Tibet GTX trekking boot, but this boots are optimized specially for the wet environment and can handle a lot of moisture. If you submerge them, then the interior will soak water, but they are perfect to handle snow, rain, mud and shallow streams.

The Features and Specifications of the Lowa Tibet GTX

  • The boot is made of 100% leather, and this is what makes it special from any other rubber boots. The leather gives a very post and expensive vibe.
  • This boot has the synthetic sole. The synthetic sole helps the wearer to walk easily whereas the leather soles are slippery and not comfortable to wear during hiking.
  • The shaft is 7 inches from the arch. It will help you to protect your ankle from any injury or accident.
  • Unlike the other boot manufacturers, the Lowa men's Tibet GTX trekking boot has the lace-up hiking boot that is featuring the D-ring eyelets along with speed-lacing hardware.
  • This boot comes with the padded collar and tongue, so you do not need to worry about firmness and stability.
  • The seamless and waterproof Gore-Tex lining makes it one of the best in the market.
  • This pair of boots comes with the climate control perforated lining. Hence, your feet will be protected from heat and moisture.
Customer Reviews and Scores

If you are looking for the best trekking boots for Everest base camp, then your top choice must be the Lowa GTX trekking boot. This is undoubtedly one of the best hiking boots for wide feet a swell. 

This book gives the necessary support to the person who is wearing it and makes the trekking easier for him. Well, you must know that this is for men, so, if you are looking for best trekking boots women then, other boots are made especially for them. The Lowa GTX will give you service no matter what the season is.

This product has lots of customer reviews on Amazon. The customers have reviewed the Lowa men's Tibet GTX trekking boot for more than 1568 times (until the time I checked it) and given it an average of 4.6 stars out of 5.

Nearly most of the reviews are positive, and this is why it has 4.6 on the scale of 5. Only 2% of the reviews came with one star and two negative points. One of the customers said that he did not like the boots because they are too heavy for him and his feet hurts after wearing it for a long time.

Well, we already stated in the Lowa boots review that, that the boot is heavier than other boots and it will make walking a bit tiresome for the first-timers.

Other customers said that this is the best boot he has ever owned, although the price is a bit higher it is worth it.

Some of the other customers said that they were very happy to buy this boot because I helped them a lot at the time of climbing and hiking. They even recommended the boot to their fellow trekkers.

This Lowa boots review helps the audience and the reader to understand how it can help your feet and maintain the pace while going up on the mountain track.

How to use the Lowa Men's Tibet GTX Trekking Boot

There are quite a lot of questions that come into the minds of the buyers at the time of buying boots online. Here is some frequently asked question which most of the buyers asked at the time of purchasing boots online.

Are these boots waterproof?

Yes, these boots are waterproof, and this will protect your feet from mud, snow, and ice along with water. But, you have to use the boots in such a way that water cannot enter into the boots. This will make your boot wet, and your walking will become inconvenient.

How high up the ankle does this boot go?

This boot goes about four inches to the bone of the ankle. As this boot comes with an innovative lace system, hence, you can tie the boot firmly to support your ankle from any type of injury.

Can I wear this in summer?

Unlike other boots, you can wear it around the year regardless of time and weather. The boot is airy and breathable, so it will not affect your feet adversely during summer. They are not too warm for summer.

Can you wear in on the rocky mountain?

Of course, this pair of boots has been made especially for the rocky mountain. So, if you are going on trekking soon then, this can be your constant companion.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions of the client who is interested to buy Lowa Tibet GTX boots online.

Bottom line on Lowa Men's Tibet GTX Trekking Boot

It is quite clear from the above Lowa boots review is that it is one of the best boots on the market and there is no point to disappoint us. It is able to beat all the other best trekking boots for Everest base camp available in the market.

Overall I personally really like this boot for offering versatile options in one single product. These got the Gore-Tex lining inside which makes it 100% waterproof and they are super breathable which is really important if you are looking for a comfortable pair of boots. Like, I have mentioned above I have taken it almost everywhere with me, and they have given its best performances so far. If you are looking for an excellent pair of boots to accompany you on your journey, then this is the one for you.


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