How To Make Folding Table Legs – [DIY] Folding Table Legs Out of Wood

Have you ever felt the need of saving space in your home? If yes, you can try using folding furniture. You know table is one of the large furniture that takes the most of the space. In this case, a folding table can save your room's space.

The table can have large or compact dimensions, with all the parameters determined by its purpose. However, the simpler the folding table is, the easier it is to do it yourself. Also, it is easier to carry or put it in the car.

In this article, I will show you how you can make folding table legs with your own in a simple way. The folding table we are going to make has crossbar folding legs. One of the advantages of crossbar folding legs is that you can use it for 4 to 6 people and it makes a perfect balance. So let's  see how to make folding table legs.

Overview of Options

A Folding table can have different design concepts, and the choice is not limited to the material. You can choose the different types of folding table legs for your campaign folding table. Besides, there are different ways of assembling all the parts of the folding table legs.

Folding table is good to use in a small room. It saves a lot of space and gives you the comfort of move easily. But if you build a detachable folding table, you can take a folding table with you wherever you go. Perhaps, it is the main advantage of folding tables.

Other advantages:

  • It has Compact dimensions. Even in the unfolded state, if the table takes up a lot of space, it is possible to fit the table in any secluded corner so that it does not interfere with movement around the room.
  • Unusual design, since the design of such furniture items are significantly different from the standard analogs;
  • It is low weight that facilitates transportation.
  • Folding tables are usually reasonably easy to do by hand.

There are many versions of such designs. The primary and most popular versions:

  • Different tops: square, round, rectangular, oval.
  • Material: metal, wood, and combined.
  • The table can also vary according to the folding method. So, one of the options is with cross-shaped legs. As a result, the dimensions of the structure change when folded, but the table itself is not disassembled. Another view - fully collapsible to get the finished product using threaded fasteners.


First, you need to evaluate your capabilities. In the absence of many experiences, my recommendation for you to choose such a structure that you can make the folding table easily.

Depending on the size of the table, it can serve as a dining table. You can also use it in the campaign, on fishing, etc. Also, depending on the size the style of the table's leg will vary. Here is the thing, in short, if you want to make the table for 4 to 6 people then cross legs folded table will be excellent. But if you're going to make the table for more than six people, then you may need to make a hinge folded table.

So, you need to decide for what purposes you are going to make the folding table. As a result, a scheme with arbitrary sizes will have the following form: Scheme legs and crossbars.

You can change the dimensions as per your need. But you should do it following the level of the load exerted on the structure, and in proportion as possible.

Tools and Materials

You have to select the tools from what materials you will take as a basis: wood, chipboard, aluminum. In living conditions, it is easier to make the table out of wood with your own hands. And it is better if you make the tabletop out of chipboard.

Set of tools:

  • Jigsaw,
  • Building level,
  • Paint brushes,
  • Roulette,
  • Screwdriver,
  • Sandpaper or sander.

You need some degree of experience to use the last tool. And the use of sandpaper will significantly slow down the manufacturing process. As for materials, it all depends on the dimensions of the structure.

For example, you will need 20x45 mm of bars. If you plan to make a folding table larger, you need to use 30x50 mm. The length of the purchased bars may be different: 1.2m; 5m.

All the same, they will have to cut their own hands following the size of the sketch. Board for the countertop is taken the desired thickness. For a large construction, an option up to 40 mm thick will do.


Step 1: Prepare the Bars

I recommend you to join the bars of the legs with self-tapping screws and M4 bolts. Also, keep in mind that the length of the join depends on the length of the legs. Self-supporting screws need to fix the foot supports and use bolts to connect the legs. First, you need to cut out the required number of bars with a small margin.

Step 2: Sander the Bars

The diameters of the holes should be slightly larger than the dimensions of the legs. For example, holes for 5mm in diameter are prepared for M4 screws/bolts. Now finish cutting all the bars. Next, you need to use sandpaper/sander after cutting to make it smooth. Further, it is necessary to open them with a protective composition, for example, varnish the wood.

Step 3: Measure to Drill a Hole

Now we have to make a hole in the bars so that we can make the movable crossbars. The first thing you need to do with your hands is to fix the foot supports, 4 of them. Hold all of the pieces together perpendicularly. Now drill a hole at the center of the bars. Now tighten the self-tapping screws in the hole. The location of the hole depends on the length of the crossbars that will connect the legs.

Step 4: Join the Legs

Now, knock down the crossbar and the two legs. You need to join the two legs parallel so that it connects and can move together. Tightening the bolts is not necessary to ensure the free rotation of the axis. To prevent axial mounting of the legs from loosening due to regular folding, use the lock nuts on two sections of the cross-shaped connection.

To make it even more compact in the folded state, you can dismantle the bolted joint of the legs supports. It is enough to remove two bolts. For this reason, it is not necessary to tighten the fasteners too much in these areas.

Tips and Warnings

  • The size of the table may vary depending on personal preferences and what you are using it for.
  • The length of the legs of the table can vary, but in general it is 3 feet of standard height for a table.
  • Always wear safety glasses and gloves when using a circular saw. It will help protect your eyes from pieces of wood and other flying debris.
  • You should not rely too much on the folding table. Whether it is large or small, you always should be careful. You should not put much pressure on it. It may fail due to imbalance.
  • Keep away your children to stand over it. They may fall out of the table.

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