How To Open a Mailbox Lock Without a Key; Step By Step Methods For 2020

Are you frustrated after losing your mailbox key? If you have essential mails inside the mailbox but have lost your key, don't worry.

Today, we will discuss five effective methods which will help you open a mailbox without a key. So, why getting late?

 Read and follow the instruction and enjoy your daily mail.

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Now, come with me to the tricks and steps.

Method No - 1: Use Force

To try this method; you have to decide first whether the mailbox is old, or you want to replace it with a new one. If you have chosen to replace it, follow these steps.

  • Take a thick screwdriver or a metal knife.
  • Thrust the object into the key slot.
  • Press the object on the resulting lever with force.
  • With effort, the lock's pin will jump out.
  • Strong Pressing can cause deformation of the drawer door.
  • The method is not suitable for the old lock.
  • If your mailbox is in the entrance of your building, then it is not possible to replace.
  • You shouldn't push the lever so hard that the metal bends.
  • If the lock and drawer are designed with modern technology, then you should try a different method to unlock it.

Method No - 2: Key Simulation

It is another way to unlock your mailbox without a key. Since most of the mailboxes' mechanism is simple, or most of them are made in China, the following methods will help you to open the lock immediately.

  • At first, take manicure scissors or a small thin knife.
  • Insert the thin end of the tool into the lock hole.
  • Turn the lock as like the key. Turn the knife or scissors in the same direction as a key.
  • Turn it slowly until the door open.
  • If the above methods don't  work, then you can try with a thin hairpin.
  • Insert the hairpin into the lock.
  • Push forward and twist it in different directions.
  • Twist the hairpin until you listen to that characteristic click.
  • Don't push the knife or scissors so hard that the lock may be deformed or break off.

Method No - 3: Cardinal Means

If you aim to buy a new lock, then you can try these following methods. The method will damage the castle entirely, so it is almost impossible to restore it.


At first, take a power drill. (Portable drills or battery-powered drills couldn't serve well. They are weak. You should take a power drill. An electric drill with long extension cord will work in this case.)

  • Connect it to the mains.
  • Drill a hole to the center point of the lock or larva.
  • Now take a thick screwdriver, a small chisel or a hammer.
  • Push the larva inside to break the mechanism.
  • Once the larva breaks, the mailbox door will open.
  • You must install a new larva to the lock.
  • You have to drill it carefully. If you break the lock during drilling, you may need to change the entire mechanism.
How to open a mailbox lock without a key

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Method No - 4: Use a cordless drill

If you want to avoid damaging your mailbox lock, you can follow these following methods.

  • Take a cordless drill. (Check the size of the drill if that fits into the hole properly).
  • Start drilling carefully. When drilling, don't apply a lot of pressure.
  • Be consistent while applying pressure.
  • Drill straight.
  • After drilling the lock, you may be able to open the lock easily.
  • Now check whether the metal clip is holding the lock.
  • If the lock is still attached, take a wrench and push the door to remove it.
  • Once the lock is open, bring a locksmith to install a new lock.

Method No - 5: Try with a lock-picking kit

Steps-1: Prepare a lockpick and lever

  • Try to get a lock-picking kit. It is the best way to solve your problem easily. A lock-picking kit can make your process easier and save your valuable time. lockpicking kits include multiple lever and lockpicks. So, you will get sufficient options to match the mailbox lock sizes. You can order a lock-picking kit from online, or you can purchase one from your local hardware stores.
  • If you don't own a lock-picking kit, then take two hairpins and make a lock-pick and a lever.
  • Take a hairpin and bend it as the two ends create a 90-degree angle. Before doing that uproot the rubber caps from the hairpin's ends. Now, bend one ends upward. It will displace the ends from the straight position.
  • Now take the second hairpin to make a lever. Bend it from 1.3cm away from the top point. Bend it until it creates a 90-degree angle. If you find it tough, you can use a pair of needle nose pliers to bend easily.
  • If you couldn't collect hairpins, then use two paper clips to prepare a lockpick and lever.
  • Take a paper clip. Straighten out the half of the clip. Now bend the straighten half upward slightly.
  • To prepare a lever, take the second paper clip and straighten one end of the paper clip. Bend it until it creates a 90-degree angle.

Steps - 2: Picking the lock

Take the lever and insert its short side into the lock. Keep the long end outside and hold it tightly with your fingers. Now, press the long end like you are turning the key to unlock. Continue pressing the lever. Increase the pressure slowly to the barrel of the lock.

Take the lockpick in other hand and insert it into the lock. You will find five pins inside a lock. Remember, you have to raise all five pins to the same height to unlock the lock. Use the bent part and lift the pins. Keep the lockpick near to the mouth of the lock. The first pin is close to the opening. So, raise it first.

Check which pin is seized. Push up the first pin. If it is seized, then it will prevent the lockpick from rotating. Use the end of the lockpick to push up the seized pin. If you don't feel any resistance, then it is not seized. When it is not seized, continue to the second pin and push it up. This way, you have to check through all five pins. For the seized pin, you have to push the lockpick up and down to unlock. Apply gentle force until the lock brakes. Remember, you will hear a click if the seized pin is unlocked.

Each time you push the lockpick a little further, you will feel the next pin. Just force it upward when you encounter a seized pin. Use force until you hear a click.

After raising all five pins, use the lever, and apply pressure to rotate the barrel. Rotate in both direction until the lock is unlocked. Now, remove the lockpick as well as a lever from the lock, and open your mailbox.

Additional Tips: 

  • Many services are available to open a mailbox lock. If you have professional skeleton keys, you can open it without any complexity.
  • If your mailbox is an expensive one, and it comes with a good lock, you shouldn't go for breaking the lock. Take help from the delivery men, or professional lock breaker to unlock the mailbox.
  • For an ordinary mailbox that is similar to your neighbor's one, seek help from your neighbor. Take their keys, and try to open the lock with their keys. Most of the times it works.


Remember, when you buy a new castle, it might have several keys (at least two). Put a key to your bunch of keys, and keep another one to a convenient place that is easy to remember.

It would be good if you duplicate your existing key. Making a duplicate is much cheaper than installing a new.


If you are renting a government-owned Post office box or U.S.P.S., you should go there. Inform them that you have lost the key. They will replace the lock and give you a new key. Of course! You have to pay for the new one. 


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