Pedi Perfect Review For Our Visitors – 2021’s Guide

Pedi Perfect Review

A very annoying and depressing thing is having cracked, callused heels. We don’t always get the time for taking care of the feet. The hard skin or the calluses make the heels make the heels scratchy. It’s irritating as well as tiring to scrub them for hours to get rid of them. But callused feet are no longer a trouble. Do you know how? Because of Amope Pedi Perfect callus remover. This one is an electronic gadget that promises to buff away the hard skins from the heels and makes them soft.

If you are a regular sufferer of rough heels, this pedi perfect review is for you. This gadget can be a relief for you. It removes the dead and dry skin efficiently and leaves a smooth, supple skin. You don’t have to do anything complicated to use this product.

You only have to follow some instructions, and this gadget can be your lifesaver. It helps you, to enjoy soft and smooth heels without the need of going to a parlor or doing treatments yourself.

Different Types of Roller Heads for Individuals

The Amope Pedi Perfect wet and dry features different types of roller heads for individual usage. You can buy different versions of heads of this callus remover. There are regular coarse, soft touch, extra coarse, and mixed roller for people with different level of hardness of skin.

If you don’t have hard or dead skin and you only want to have soft heels, you can buy the soft touch roller headed version. You’ll get two roller-heads f similar type with each pack. If you have regular harsh calluses, you can buy the normal coarse roller head version. If you have very rough and callused skin, you can opt for the “extra coarse” version. There is another option- the mixed one. It combines the regular and extra coarse version and gives medium pressure on those scratchy heels.

You will get all these options to choose from Amope Pedi Perfect. Whichever type might be compatible with the hardness of your heel’s cracked and dry skin, you can buy that one. This way, you will get adequate pressure on those skin cells. And, you won’t have to buy a callus remover that is not suitable for your feet type.

Replaceable Heads

The Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File of Amope also offers the replaceable head feature. If your roller head becomes old or goes out of order, you can get Amope Pedi Perfect refills.

Cracked heels are irritating. You cannot even show them off wearing a sandal. They make you embarrassed. They are terrible to look at. When you are running out of roller of your Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File, will you let people ridicule at your cracked heels? Well, Amope won’t let you face all these. You can have the roller head refills anytime you want. In exchange for only a few dollars, you will get a pack of four to five refillable heads.

Refilling the heads is not a hard task. It’s just a matter of pressing a button and inserting the new head. If you have an operable roller head but you want to have a different one to pedicure your feet, in this case also, you can replace the heads.

Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File, Features and Specifications

  • The Amope Pedi Perfect’s dimension is 2.4 x 6.5 x 8 inches. The weight of this item is only 0.16 ounces.
  • The pack contains 1 electronic foot file. It has a comfortable and ergonomically shaped body for you to handle with your palms.
  • The device works on battery power. It contains 4 AA batteries.
  • The pack includes one regular coarse roller head and a cover.
  • The roller heads are equipped with diamond crystals for added effectiveness.
  • The roller can spin 360 degrees for quick removal of callus.
  • The gadget is perfect for removing medium or thick and hard skin. It eliminates the callus and makes the feet silky smooth.
  • The item removes dead skins in minutes. For individuals, it might take different amounts of time.
  • Provides clean pedicure


The Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File is an awesome product. And it’s not a matter of surprise that it will have loads of customer reviews on popular marketplaces. Unfortunately, I got shocked. I was shocked to see that Amazon had 11,312 customer reviews on this product. Isn’t that overwhelming? No doubt it’s one of the best callus remover products. But who expects such a big number of reviews?

Amope wet dry reviews tell us how much people like this item. I’m not saying that all the reviews were positive, but more than 80% were. People have used this product and praised it. Some people posted the pictures of the wonderful results too. The item has got an average of 4.2 stars out of 5. This score was the last one I’ve checked while writing this review.

An excellent product ought to get good comments, and the same happened with this one too. People, especially women are the worst sufferers of the embarrassment caused by callused heels. To some of them, this item has been a lifesaver. They had to hear comments or get ridiculed at because of those harsh skins. This foot file removes those dead skins and rejuvenates the heels. Many people say that they get compliments on their heels because of using this foot file and taking off the calluses.

Most customers have admired this item in this way. Some of them are grateful to Amope for bringing in such a good product.

Still, nothing is an unmixed blessing. According to some users, this item has got some drawbacks too. They have complained that the motor is not powerful enough for them. They said that it could not provide sufficient pressure on their heels. But what I feel is that they should use the item for a reasonable amount of time. A lot of pressure can hurt or irritate the rough skins. That’s why the item is designed in such a way to provide an optimum amount of pressure. It has a safety option that turns off the gadget if the pressure goes too high on the feet.

A lot of people, more than 80% of the total users, have praised this item. This makes it evident that this Foot File has got excellence. Overall, the item is an ideal one. It gives you salon-style results and saves a lot of time.

How to Use Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

How can I replace the roller heads?

The process is easy. If the roller heads go out of order or you need to insert different type of a roller, you have to get the refillable rollers. Now, press the eject button and slowly remove the older head from the machine. Insert the new roller head till it sits firmly on the ports. And, you have replaced the heads.

What is the using procedure of this thing?

First of all, get your pack of Amope Pedi Perfect. Insert the batteries in the gadget. You cannot use it on wet heels. You have to dry them thoroughly. After you have cleaned and dried your feet, press the start button and roll the roller head on your heels and hard skins on the feet. Move the roller forward and backward and move it in circular ways. Don’t press it on the same area for more than 3 to 4 seconds. Keep it moving all the time. The time varies from person to person. So, keep moving the gadget till you find your feet and heels soft and supple. Then moisturize your feet with a good moisturizer.

There are some precautions that you need to take. Never use this thing on sore, irritated skin. If you feel any irritation or burning sensation due to the pressure of the gadget, terminate it immediately. Don’t put a lot of pressure on the skin. Move it gently along your feet and take time to attain smooth heels.

Is there a safety stop option?

Yes, this gadget has a safety stop option. If you apply more pressure than your skin can bear, the device turns itself off automatically.

The fear of awful rough, callused feet is no more there because of this fine product. Amope Pedi Perfect is a blessing for those with this terrible problem.

How do you wash a perfect pedi?

It’s super easy cleaning your perfect pedi. Just:

  • Remove the unit from the roller head
  • Rinse the unit with tap water, better to rinse in flowing water
  • Then take a damp cloth and clean the unit with tap-tap formula. No scrubbing or wiping.
  • At last, use a dry cloth and clean the roller head and unit, keep them again into the box.

How much is Amope Pedi perfect?

Pedi Perfect is under 25, You can check the latest price here for buying this amazing foot file online.

Is Amope good for feet?

Yes, Amope is one of the best foot files in the market according to the customers’ opinions. Amope features diamond crystal on its roller head, which helps you to remove the harshness of your feet softly. As it is electric, it will not kill your time and no need to put extra effort into it cleaning your feet.

Which Amope is the best?

Amope, Electronic Dry Foot File is the best according to our research.

Can I take it with me in shower?

Yeah, you can bring it to your shower with you. Just take care about electric wiring that has no leakage and can’t go touch with water while taking shower.

Bottom line on Pedi Perfect Review

There’re nothing more to say about this item. We all know that Amope is a famous brand for their foot care products. Here, we have reviewed one of their best items. There’re no doubt that it is a high-quality callus remover.

This gadget can be your perfect companion to make your heels supple and give them a new life. You will love to work with it. It enables you to do a pedicure at home in an effortless way. Due to its excellence, this gadget has become one of the most used heel callus removers in the whole world. So, if you are looking for a quick-time callus remover for reviving your heels, this is the thing you should go for- the Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File.