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William Painter Sunglasses Review | Bestreview Craft

By Michel Rowbotham

William Painter Sunglasses Review | Bestreview Craft

Sunglass is an unavoidable accessory if you are going outside on a sunny day. Eyes are the most precious organs of our body. To protect them from harmful UV rays and dust and keep them safe, we should always keep a pair of sunglasses with us whenever we go outside. William Painter Hook Sunglasses are the other name of relief when you are worried about having the best sunglasses.

The William Painter Titanium Polarized sunglasses are best for your outdoor activities; from driving to walking. If you are someone who wants not only UV protection but also cool looks, you might like this sunglass a lot. This wayfarer cuts off glare efficiently and gives you a clear vision of the surroundings. It fits different head sizes beautifully and doesn't slip off your nose. The high-grade titanium arms also provide a solid feeling when you wear the sunglass.

Anyone will certainly like this item. This sunglass is one of the trendiest products from William Painter. They have always gifted their customers with outstanding sunglasses. The Hook Titanium Polarized Wayfarer Sunglass with all its quality and added technology is another excellent item of theirs.

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Aerospace Grade Titanium Arms with Discrete Bottle Opener Technology

You'll be very shocked to know that this sunglass has two patented discrete bottle openers at the end of each of its arm. You can open thousands of bottle caps with that opener without any hesitation or fear of damaging the arms.  The arms have a black armor coating and acetate frames that make it evident that the glasses are practically indestructible.

The bottle openers are built into the sunglasses so that you stay hydrated. The aerospace grade titanium arms keep your brain at peace that the glasses won't break easily.  So, you can use the bottle openers roughly, and you don't have to worry that the arms will break.

Titanium is the most durable metal available, and it's heavier than other metals. But in spite of that, you'll be amazed at the lightness of the frames. The arms are astoundingly sturdy but lightweight. Titanium is the highest quality material, and as we know that this William Painter Polarized Sunglass arm's material is Titanium, we can understand the durability and performance of this sunglass will be as high as the materials used.

You can stay confident that opening hundreds of bottles with the bottle opener cannot leave a scratch or a chip on the arms. On top of that is the arms have reared weighed balance. This thing helps the glasses to stay put on your nose and not slipping off. While this balance prevents the frames from falling, the acetate frames help it to fit your face comfortably. So, you see, the glasses have a great balance of the qualities.

The Black Armor Coating 

For superior functioning, the William Painter Hook Sunglasses have titanium protective coating. The company has developed their titanium coating, and they claim that it makes the frames military strong. Upon trying the glasses, you are bound to feel the same.

The lifelong durability of this item will amaze anyone. While mostly a pair of sunglass lasts up to two or three years, this William Painter sunglass will be your companion for several years because of its scratch, break, and temperature resistance.

The black coating used on the arms of this sunglass is military grade coating. This helps you understand how many springs and summers you can enjoy with only a pair of sunglasses; the Hook Polarized Sunglasses.

William Painter Sunglasses Features and Specifications

  • The product dimension is 8.5 x 4.2 x 3 inches.
  • Bridge length: 2.2 cm, Lens Width: 5 cm, Arm: 15 cm.
  • The weight of the item is 1.7 ounces.
  • The material of the frame is titanium.
  • It has composite lenses which are polarized.
  • The sunglass is Classic Wayfarer Style with black aerospace grade titanium.
  • The sunglass is available in two different lens colors.
  • The arms are equipped with discrete bottle opener technology.
  • The nylon polarized lenses have scratch and temperature resistance and 100% UVA and UVB ray protection.
  • The item comes with a hard case and includes a wipe cloth.
  • The lenses are hydrophobic, antistatic, and prescription-friendly.
Customer Reviews and Scores

If you are looking for best polarized sunglasses and badly confused about some models, let me help you out of it. As you can see, I'm reviewing William Painter Hook Polarized Sunglasses here; you understand that I'll recommend this item to you. But you should know that there are more than five hundred people other than me who have praised this item. If you check the William Painter Sunglasses reviews on Amazon and other online marketplaces, you'll see how many people recommend others to buy and use this sunglass.

Until the time I checked, I found 86% of 5 stars out of 5 rating of this sunglass. Till then, customers had reviewed the item 545 times and given an average of 4.6 stars out of 5.

I was very impressed to see all those William Painter Sunglass reviews on Amazon. Almost every comment that I came across was positive. 1% of all the reviews had 1-star review. Some customers complained that the sunglasses do not fit their face properly. They said that the frames fit them tightly and hurt the sides of their heads.

To be honest, every sunglass doesn't fit everyone's face. The sunglasses are made according to average face shapes. If someone has a bigger head, he or she should look for other pairs of sunglasses because this one that we are reviewing is for average sized faces.

If we look at the bright side, 86% of all the reviews were positive reviews and were 5-star ratings. That is huge! A customer said that this sunglass is the best item he has ever come across. He says that he has used them every day and carried them without a case and still they have got no scratch at all. He also said that he bought a second pair of these glasses due to their excellence.

Another customer says that the arms of this sunglass are super solid and strong. He says they sit very lightly on his nose and ears and don't leave a mark even after wearing them for the whole day.

Upon reading all the other reviews, we realized that this one is the best polarized sunglasses. It gives you the best experience of a sunny-day outing and driving.

How to Use William Painter Sunglasses

It's natural that when you are off to buying something, a lot of questions start bothering you. For your ease, we have tried to include here the most frequently asked questions about the William Painter Sunglasses. So, let's know more about the item!

Can I replace the lenses with my prescription ones?

Yes. As you see in the description of the sunglass, it features prescription-friendly lenses. This means you can swap the lenses with your doctor's prescribed ones. If you have any eye related problem and cannot use the regular sunglass lenses, you should get them replaced. This way, you don't have to miss out the experience of wearing this amazing pair of sunglasses for your eye issues.

Is it possible that the arms will break if I open bottles with the bottle opener?

No, it's not possible. The material of the arms is aerospace grade titanium. Everyone knows about the sturdiness and durability of titanium. Even after opening a thousand bottles, you'll see no scratch or breakage on the arms. They are solid and light. But they are practically indestructible.

How do the lenses hold up? Do they last long?

You'll understand that when you start using them.  Saying from my and many other customer's experiences, the lenses are long-lasting. You can use them on a daily basis for several years. The lenses are break and scratch-resistant. You can use them roughly for driving, fishing, boating, beaching, hiking, or any other outdoor activities. They hold up pretty amazingly.

I have a small head. Will it fit my face?

You can check the item dimension to check this out.

Front Frame width: 145 mm, Lens width: 55 mm, Lens height: 40.7 mm, Bridge: 18 mm, Arms: 145 mm.

The item offers standard fit. If they still don't fit your head, you can return them following the return policy.Here we have answered the most asked questions of the customers. Let's keep the bothersome question out of the minds with these answers!

Bottom line on William Painter Sunglasses

William Painter Hook Sunglasses are great for your mornings and afternoons, and for any of your outside events. The polarized lenses give you the best experience of vision. They eliminate glare like magic and help you attain a clear view of everything.

The William Painter Hook Polarized Titanium sunglasses have proven their quality with the durability and solidity of the frames. William Painter Sunglass reviews make it easier for you to realize how good a pair of sunglass can be. The strong titanium arms and the black armor coating impress anyone who wants a robust sunglass. The hydrophobic and antistatic lenses are polarized too. So, you get less glare and enhanced color; they say that you see the world in HD with these glasses on.

I don't know what else I should say. You have seen the features of this item, read the customer reviews. It doesn't require me saying that this one is the best wayfarer sunglass. You can judge it yourself by the specs and reviews. But I'll still render my opinion; this one is the most excellent polarized sunglass.

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